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Live Action Cassian Andor Rogue One Prequel Series Announced

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4 hours ago, ISD Avenger said:

Was he that good a character to justify a whole series? 


1 hour ago, mcworrell said:

I like this. I thought he was good and the backstory has a lot of potential. In Rogue One he and others reference the nasty things they have done for the Rebellion. That is what I think could be very interesting.

Basically this as the response.

It's not the character, per se, that is the most compelling part of this.  Although, IMHO, I think he was interesting enough.  Rather, it's the context he was operating in.  This was very much the rough part of the start of the Rebellion - the things that the 'Rebels' TV series only hinted at, if they ever intersected with at all given how far away they were from the bulk of the conflict.

Making a whole series of this is...well.  There is some REAL possibility, here.  (Not least of all - maybe we'll get some answer as to how the Rebels were flying trainer A-Wings and Clone Wars-era Y-Wings saved moments from scrapping...until suddenly one episode they all had X-Wings.  Like...WTF WAS THAT ABOUT?!  Maybe we'll find out, now...)

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26 minutes ago, clontroper5 said:

I think they hit the Bar on Episode 7, Rogue one nailed it, and Solo was Very good as well! I feel let down by Episode 8 but they could redeem it with 9 depending on what they do...

Yes Solo was a stunning success and a very smooth production, clearly the work of a talented film maker’s definitive vision.

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