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Thought I would introduce the Showcase for the IG:2000.


Doesnt seem to get much Love and its one of the last few outstanding models to Showcase. I have seen some superb re-paints over the years on the Painting Forums. so Lets see if we can get some great examples from you guys here ☺️

I will start off with my highly modified version........doesn't really look much like an IG-2000 any more. but it has taken on another certain Killer Droid in the form of the Hunter Killers from Terminator.





Lets see those IG-2000's in all there painted glory ?

All the best,


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On 4/25/2019 at 5:49 AM, Force Majeure said:

So you refer to them as Rick, Max and Roy? or is that Ben?

Yeah, Hikaru (Rick) and Roy were my original duo. Max Jenius is the new addition to skull squadron!

Now if FFG would just drop the points of IG-88A and let us fly A in a triple brobot list... 👌

EDIT: They just did! Long live!

Edited by shinbo

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Let me present the meme-bot  :)




That started as a joke, as some of the Padawans at the local club were playing against each other, and remarked on the IG looking like a crab....

Then my oldest child wanted his painted up...

Pencil strokes and paint layer could have been a bit thinner, but that needed to be a fast job (<1week), and it was the second repaint on that (second hand) model.

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