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Opinion - converted scouts as officers

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Hi FFG hive mind

I assume you can have multiple officers leading different units ? Could you have two officers as commanders? 

I won an extra set of scouts - probably use the 3 minis for strike teams - that leaves 4 minis. I'm not a fan of the normal scout unit, but feels a bit of a waste. 

I'm thinking of using some these as custom officers - Although i'll buy 2 or 3 specialists so I have the cards and droids etc.... having multiple officers just wont look right out of the box.  

Cut the heads off the scouts, use 3rd party heads, paint a bit like IA infiltrators. I think they will look the part. 

2 questions 

Do you think according to the rules these models will be acceptable as replacement officers in organised play. 

Any suggestions for heads. 




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