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New expansion wanted

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17 hours ago, magicrealm said:

i give a new addon for descent 2 zero chance. I give a 3rd edition 33 % chance, but only 25% that this 3rd edition will be a good one

I agree with new addon for descent 2 zero chance.


But...for 3rd edition, according to my calculations, the 3rd edition 27,43% chance, but only 13,87% that this 3rd edition will be a good one.

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This is discussed in another topic.

I hope FFG is reading and realizes that we dont want another Imperial Assault, rather:

- A campaign focused game. NON COOPERATIVE (there's boring gloomhaven for that and it will stay popular for long)
- FFA modes
-Big maptiles to play big open field battles
-And like many said here, scenarios that use the expansions.
-Cool stuff specially for the heroes such as : mounts, mercenaries and global abilities
-And finally: No lieutenant/hero/villan packs.. a tiny piece of plastic for $12usd? Please , the greed!  Heroes and monster packs were perfect - and not cheap ;)

There's so much that could be done... but the market right now seems to be only skirmish (collect individual pricey stuff) and cooperative (unfun for many).. Make Descent Great again by being what it was always supposed to be: a playable and fun rpg!

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On 11/8/2018 at 5:18 AM, Sadgit said:

My feeling is the classes (especially the mage class) will still change quite a bit during play-testing. So no teasers here at this point.
The expansion will have a desert theme. However, as we are not including an new map tiles, theme will be a bit limited. At the moment we are focussing mainly on the mechanisc aspects of the expansion and I think that no-one of us is really deep into Terrinoth lore. So, yes, we could need some help in this department. 

@leewroy Here you go:



If this is the community expansion you've PM'd me about, then it sounds like a really good news.

I have to say that the Blinded's effect is too strong and easily abuseable with cards like Runic Sorcery (Runemaster), Maledict (Deadborn) and Subdue (Baron Zachareth). Monsters and heroes with low Awareness (1 or 2) have low to none chances of dealing with Blinded spam tactics. The idea is nice so I imagine you would want to change the first part to something like "...on the blue attack die, then discard this card or token." This way it is still a strong effect (for 1 SURGE deny an opponent's attack with the 50% chance, then, if failed, repeat), but in no way an abuseable feature.

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Yes, the blinded condition is part of the fan-based expansion I and four other well-known community members are currently working on.  Thanks for your feedback, we are currently playtesting some and developing other components. Will modify the new condition if we feel it is not balanced. 

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