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Twist on the Y Torp lists

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This is my first time posting and attempt at building a list so please have mercy.


I've seen y wing lists floating around with 2 x wings but I like the idea of a U Wing Benthic pushing out a focus to one of the y wings or whoever needs it. Also using Edrio to synergize with Benthic when possible. Dutch is one of the y wing pilots to make up some actions for acquiring target locks. Also, this a  2.0 list only. Here's the list:


Dutch with expert handling, R4, and proton torps


Grey Squadron Pilot with R4 and proton torps




Benthic with perceptive co pilot.

Any feedback is appreciated. I won't be able to play with it until next week but I'll keep you updated. Thanks everyone!


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I'm not sure Dutch needs Expert Handling and the R4. They both perform a similar function. With the R4, he can red barrel roll and clear the stress with a 1-2 manoeuvre next turn. I'd drop Expert and spend the points elsewhere, or keep Expert Handling and upgrade the R4 to and R3. I find R3 on Dutch good as his first lock is for his buddy, and the R3 lock is for him, allowing torp shots on two targets for the price of one TL.

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