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Runewars minis and more in holiday sale

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If any of you share the interest in alternative/extra minis for Descent use (or as is one of my interests Genesys Descent/Terrinoth inspired RPG use) from RWM some of these are in the holiday sale- a few could be usable for Descent if you like customising games and mixing things up, I've ordered some such as the rune golems and carrion lancers to add to my ever growing Terrinoth/Mennara collection. Also a few other Runebound universe items including Runebound itself and Drakon (a nice game in its own right with a quite adorable dragon mini) in the sale, no Descent items (which may mean it's selling well enough to not warrant discounting it!) but some things if you like the setting, the other games in the 'universe' or/and designing your own characters/campaigns for Descent. Working on a few ideas myself.

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