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Tales from the Madlands: 4v4 team matchup at worlds.

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The long silence is lifted and I can resume batreps without fear of giving tournament lists away! This is a special little something from worlds, where we had an epic 4v4.

The objective was steal the artifacts, which we all forgot about and didn't matter (we got to round 4...), the deployment was unprepared, with the deep deployment swapping sides per mat over 4 3x3 mats.

Too many people and too much lack of sleep to remember everyone's names, please comment on where you were below.

We played 'good' vs 'evil'


3 waiqar and 1 uthuk, vs 3 daqan and 1 latari.

Setup took about 40 minutes I think. Lots of fun unit stacking with the mixed armies.

This is the board from the left side. Next pic is from the right.



I'm not going to go too far into details, so much was happening so fast it was impossible to keep track. Feel free to fill in what you remember.


This is at game start, after scouts are placed and hero abilities have been applied.

Turn 1. It doesn't take long for things to get crazy. So many ranged units, it was extremely dangerous to move forward. I used malcorne to go 4 unstable every round, which made for vicious fire runes and speedy golems.


Surprisingly few bumps and fumbled matches with so much on the table. Scouts come short on a charge, and get hit by undead archers.


Ventala are awesome by the way. i8 ranged attack and fire rune skill put up 5 wounds on ravos.

I think I missed turn 2. That's unfortunate. Things died, battles were fought...

Turn 3. 


Those oathsworn did not transform into rippers, the rippers flanked in after ravos took 3 trays with him to the grave. The ventala continue playing minigames with the threshers, shifting and shooting when they should be charging. The darnati soaked 2 heavy attacks with shroud. Zerkers had enough of the xbows and jammed them up.

There was some crazy lord V/baron Z stuff going on in the middle but I wasn't really paying attention to how it all went down.


The final turn a lot of units got hit pretty hard. The lancer block in the middle got shot full of arrows and cleft in twain by golems. Knights both undead and living dropped left and right. The sun was blotted out by arrows. A thresher feasted on moose for its last meal. And we ran out of time before the painting competition. Lots of fun all around.

Thanks for reading!

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On 11/3/2018 at 2:55 PM, Bhelliom said:

Turns out 600 points worth of gunlines and 200 of tough mobile units is pretty tough to approach! Despite the 3 vorunthuls, there were just too many overlapping fields of fire to risk engaging. Silly, but fun. 

True, I really should have just tried to punch through the middle... it's only a game right?

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