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[MAFIA] Escape from Thabeska - Day Three

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With the Empire now establishing its presence on Thabeska, many of you have decided to abandon all you know and escape to the stars.  You and a group of other refugees make your way through the dust storms and punishing heat until you finally reach the cave that was described to you by your contact in town.  A rodian greets you with twitching antennae and ushers you all into the cave.  Your alien captain lingers at the cavern entrance, scanning for any possible followers.  Once he is satisfied, he covers the cave enterance with a burlap sheet and asks all of you to submit your credits, then get some food and some sleep. 

In the morning, you gather for departure, but the rodian is no where to be found.  You hear a droid gasp and you follow the sound into the rodian's sleeping chamber.  The pilot is slumped over, his throat cut.

"This is very bad," the bronze protocol droid says.  "Good news, is you've paid and I can pilot the ship.  So we can move forward with your departure. Bad news is, there are some killers among you.  We cannot depart until the culprits are found."

Caldias has died.  He was a TOWN-aligned smuggler.  That's right.  Town AF.


So, I have the flavor, still working out the set-up.  Should have that finalized tonight.  I aim to start this Monday around 8pm EST if we get enough folks.

Do you prefer a semi-open or closed set up?


  1. @LTD
  2. @The Jabbawookie
  3. @PodRacer
  4. @GhostofNobodyInParticular
  5. @Madaghmire
  6. @BrobaFett
  7. @Matt3412
  8. @Lord Preyer
  9. @Constantine Valdor
  10. @EbonHawk
  11. @Vipcard3


No editing your posts.
No talking Out Of Thread unless you are able to do so.
Don't quote (or pretend to quote) Moderator PMs.
Don't spectator-post or like.
Don't post after hammers or daykills.
Don't post after dying.
Don't fake day actions.


Rules shall be enforced with a general warning the first time they are broken, then a modkill. Unless the breach is serious (quoting a PM, for example) in which case modkill comes instantly.

Days will  be 48 hours long, Nights 24.

Edited by Caldias

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17 hours ago, BrobaFett said:

Ok, I'm in. I will be totally unavailable this upcoming Wednesday, otherwise I'm free

I will also be flying Wednesday. If there’s WiFi on my journey, no problem but I wanted to flag potential radio silence before the game began. 

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