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Legacy of Dragonholt SOLO thoughts/reviews

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This will be short and sweet.  I play Legacy of Dragonholt SOLO. 

I am a fan of the Runebound world. I own the Rundbound boardgame and I run a Realms of Terrinoth RPG campaign (Genesys). 

Today I received delivery of my purchase of Legacy of Dragonholt and I got right into it by spending the last 2 hours (my pace) playing through the intro scenario(Where you learn to play the game as you play!) and a little of "Dragonholt Villege". I enjoyed myself so much I had to share my experience with this great game. 

My thoughts about Legacy of Dragonholt. The components, difficulty, and funability. 

If you enjoy reading and games (like Table top RPGs) Legacy of Dragonholt is for you. The presentation and quality of components are top notch (as with all FFG products). The game is very easy to learn and get right into. You can be playing this game is 5 minutes.

The story and characters are engaging and the choices you have to make have you quickly turning the pages to see what happens! You read a passage and then you are given choices (numbered passages) to either choose a direction , OR depending on where you are in the story, the game tells you what passage to go to. The choices you make WILL affect who you encounter, what you discover, and where you go. There are item cards representing quest items and also things like healing potions. Always good to have healing potions.

BTW there is MUCH to play here. Hours and hours - at your pace. Play as long as you like and then, with a very little bookkeeping, note your place in the game and come back to it later. Nice.

I found LoD  to be casual AND challenging. It's like reading a novel but YOU get to direct the story. If you like to read and play RPGs GET legacy of Dragonholt.  

I'm having a great time with Legacy of Dragonholt but this is my opinion and your experience may be different. ......nahhh, you'll love this!!

PEACE and Happy Gaming!

Bob (gamemasterbob)

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