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Second game + question

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I must say, this game is truly good. I've managed to get 2 games in, after I've painted every single mini to create an even richer experience!

I played the Imperial in the first game. I lost, just because I didn't know how to properly handle keeping the Rebels in one place. Early in the game, I had managed to capture one of the Rebel Leaders and I played the Homing Beacon card that revealed the Rebel base in a certain region. But ofcourse, he immediately afterwards moved his base (my mistake, in hindsight I should have hold on to the card longer).

In the second game, I played the Rebels. The experience was totally different (in a good way). I called the chair I was sitting on the "Sweat Chair", just because of these vast Imperial armies combing through the galaxy and hoping he wouldn't go to the direction of the system my rebel base was in. I ended up winning, but really merely. He was 1 system away with an army + Deathstar (after having figured out where I most likely was) when the timer ran out.

One question though:

My Imperial opponent made a map of the galaxy where he would secretly mark the information from the probe cards on it to give him a better overview. I know when I played as an Imperial, I just stuck to the stack of probe cards that were given (I just put them together per region for easier overview). 

Would you consider having a map to give an unfair advantage as an Imperial player, or not because basically you're not getting more information, just a better overview?

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It's perfectly legal, confirmed by Corey Konieczka in the official FAQ.

Rebels can make notes too, for example when you place 4/8 probes at the bottom of the deck with Rapid Mobilization, write down the systems for bluffing or future relocation purposes.

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I use an old iPad exclusively for the purpose of playing Rebellion. The following web pages are great for tracking and making the game a (somewhat) quicker and more enjoyable experience:

Automatic initial starting systems configuration:

Digital map with system tracking:

List of all systems with automatic build results:

I also have the following playlist running in the background for whatever Star Wars game I happen to be playing:

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