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Advanced Magic Rules

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I worked out some detailed magic rules. First off I made rules for prepared and spontaneous casters. I decided to use Vancian Magic for prepared casters because it made sense to me that they needed to collect a certain number of things each day.
I also gave an XP cost for learning different types of magic so it is more similar to the force in EoTE.
Some of the new spells I added were from other posters, I do not remember who and I am not trying to take your credit!


So what do people think? How can this be improved?

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I dig this. I especially like the inclusion of some specific non-combat-oriented abilities, which I felt were lacking in the original magic rules (I'm not a huge fan of the "mother may I" approach to magic in unstructured time). These rules are a bit math-ier, but they're "Advanced" so that's fine. I dig the alternate take on concentration (reducing your casting characteristic instead of costing a maneuver) as well. It's hard to evaluate balance-wise, since picking up magic abilities is so expensive, but there's also potential to become incredibly powerful. It looks like the incentive exists to hyper-specialize, since 20 xp per basic ability (and then 10 xp per upgrade) is pretty punishing. You might want to give the basic abilities individual costs, since the ability to make the world's worst ranged attack is probably overvalued at 20 xp and the ability to teleport is probably under-valued at 20 xp.

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