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Ongoig mission reports from starting new campaign.

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Mission reports for Draco Squadron

Aturi Cluster, Devilis Sector.


Starting campaign of Aturi cluster. Mission 1. Local Trouble.

1st running of Local Trouble, welcome to the Aturi cluster for new pilots. Mission length 10 rounds. Just need to survive till end to win mission.


Players present - 2, Me and Daren. We both took 2 ships, 1 Y-wing and 1 X-wing each. I had Basher, An X-wing with a base R-5 astromech, and a proton torpedo, and Snoopy, a Y-wing with an Ion turret, Ion bomb and straight out R-2 astromech. Daren took Shatter, an X-wing with a Seismic torpedo, and R4-D6 astromech, and Twitch, A Y-wing with the BTL-4A title, a twin laser turret and a Targeting astromech.


Our imperial opposition was comprised of 3 Tie fighters in Alpha squad (Red-1, Black-1 and Green-1), 2 more tie fighters in Beta squad (Red-2 and Green-2), with 2 imperial Tie interceptors (Stripe-1 and solid-1 in Delta squad and 2 more tie fighters in Gamma squad as reinforcements (Red-3 and black-3).


Our set up had both X-wings on one side, facing off against the Trio of tie fighters of Alpha, while the two Y-wings squared off against the 2 fighters of Beta. Random allocation gave Basher Squadron leader.


Round 1 was nothing but movement, Alpha's Green-1 had to swerve to avoid an asteroid, but was still in range of the other's, so no split of the squad.


Round 2, saw Alpha squad's Red-1 attempt to swerve to avoid an asteroid right in it's face but no matter what move it took, it would have collided, so it took it's rolled for “Straight-4” template over it, suffering 1 hull damage in the process. Beta squad split up to avoid a 2nd asteroid. Snoppy target locked Black-1, while Shatter TL'ed Red-1. For the firing phase, Snoopy ionized Green-2, Twitch shot at another fighter, but he evaded the incoming blasts. A 3rd fighter, Black 1 was not so lucky, taking 2 hull damage from Shatter. The 3 fighters of Alpha in return, bracketed Shatter, stripping him of all shields and dealing him 1 hull damage. Twitch also lost a shield to Red-2. Green-2 tried but missed his shot against Basher.

End of round, Red-1 has one damage, Black-1 has two, Green-2 has 1 damage and 1 ion.


Round 3, shaw shatter putting his seismic torpedo into an asteroid, dealing a damage to each of Red 2 and Green 1. Black-1 was destroyed by it. Snoopy ionizes Green-2 again giving him his 2nd damage, and Twitch dealt a 2nd damage to Red-1. Basher missed his shots.

End of round, Red-1 and Green-2 each have 2 damage, Red-2 has 1 damage.


Round 4, the two Interceptors showed up, putting both right behind Basher. Snoopy loses 1 shield running through an asteroid, in an attempt to keep Green-2 in range for his Ion cannon, but even doing the hard turn and losing a shield, the Tie moved too far out of range. Twitch hits and kills Red-1, Basher fires his torpedo, but totally wiffs in his attempt to damage Green-1. All imperials shots were misses.

End of round, Red-2 still has 1 damage, Green-2 has 2, and Green-1 has one. Black-1 and Red-1 killed.


Round 5, Red-2 bumped into Green1 for the fighters, Snoopy ionizes interceptor Stripe-1, Basher deals a 2nd damage to Green-1, While Twitch shoots and kills Green-2. Snoopy and Basher each lose 1 shield from imperial counter fire.

End of Round, Red-2 still has 1 damage, Stripe-1 has 1 damage and 1 ion, Green-1 has 2 damage. Black 1, Red-1 and Green-2 killed.


Round 6, Snoopy ionizes interceptor Stripe-1 a 2nd time, while Shatter deals 2 damage to interceptor Solid-1. However, Twitch and Basher both have no shots. Imperial counter fire kills Shatter.

End of Round, Red-2 still with 1 damage, Green-2 still 1 damage, Stripe-1 2 damage and 1 ion, and Solid-1 has 2 damage. Black 1, Red-1 and Green-2 killed.


Round 7, Saw Gamma Group's two tie fighters (Red-3 and Green-3) show up. Basher deals 2nd damage to Green-2, while Snoopy had no shot. Twitch shoots Red-3 but wiffs all. Imps shoot but miss basher and Twitch.

End of round, Red-2 still no damage, Green-2 now up to 2 damage, Stripe-1 and solid-1 both at 2 damage. Black 1, Red-1 and Green-2 killed.


Round 8, Snoopy attempts to shoot Solid-1 but misses. Basher had no shot, and Twitch also missed. Twitch loses 2 more shields to imperial fire, but all other shots were all misses. MANY focus tokens spent!

End of round, Red-2 still no damage, Green-2 now up to 2 damage, Stripe-1 and solid-1 both at 2 damage. Black 1, Red-1 and Green-2 killed.


Round 9, Snoopy hits and kills red-3, while Twitch hits and kills Green-3. Other than that, all other shots missed.

End of round, Red-2 still no damage, Green-2 now up to 2 damage, Stripe-1 and solid-1 both at 2 damage. Black 1, Red-1, Red-3, Green-3 and Green-2 killed.


Round 10, Solid-1 killed by Basher. No other hits. Mission end. Rebel victory conditions met.

End of mission, 5 of 7 tie fighters kia. 2 interceptors severely damaged. Ion bomb of Snoopy did well.

XP earned – 4 for Basher, 4 for Shatter after rolling for “Earned half xp” on the going EVA chart. Twitch earned 8 and so did Snoopy.


The two other players who had 'rodgered' up last week's Wednesday were out with their kids doing Trick or treat. Hopefully both will show up, as Darren will be.

SO here's Hoping that this is the first of many such reports.


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2nd mission. Defection part 1; Secure holonet receiver.


Players present - 2, Me and Daren.  One other showed up, but got a call and had to quickly dash out. 

We both took 2 ships, 1 Y-wing and 1 X-wing each.

I had Basher, An X-wing with a base R-5 astromech, and a proton torpedo, of the 4xp earned from last mission, only 1 was spent on the ship modification of Munition's failsafe.

Snoopy, a Y-wing with an Ion turret, Ion bomb and straight out R-2 astromech. Of his 8xp earned, 4 went on the ship modification Stealth device (adding one to his agility die till damage is taken), and the other 4 on a Proton Torpedo.

Daren took Shatter, an X-wing with a Seismic torpedo, and R4-D6 astromech, none of his 4 earned XP got spent.

Twitch, A Y-wing with the BTL-4A title, a twin laser turret and a Targeting astromech. 6 of his 8xp earned, were spent to upgrade his PS to 3. This made him Squad leader.


So two mission cards were pulled, the minefields one, and securing the holonet receiver. After chatting we decided on the latter, part 1 of the Defection storyline. 12 turn Time-line, with objectives of

A) Disable both Sensor relays and Satellite relays to find the spy's one

B) Slicer tech must secure identified channel (Via a scan action)

C) all ships must escape via going into hyper space.


With 4 players our foes were many. 3 fighters each in Alpha and Beta waves (red, green and black 1, red, green and black 2. Alpha all on clear bases with clear pegs, beta on clear bases with purple pegs to differentiate the two groups)

Reinforcements consisted of 2 more Tie fighters, showing up in turn 4 for Gamma wave (red and blue 3, both on blue bases), and 3 more fighters in Delta wave, in turn 8 (red, black and blue 4, all on red bases). Once the trigger happened, of locating the proper receiver we needed, the “Inspection” team of one interceptor and a Lambda shuttle would show up. Alpha squad started in the “2” spot, on the bottom left corner, while Beta, started up on the top right corner. Alpha was pointing to the Top left corner, on patrol, while Beta pointed towards us, also on patrol. BUT picked up our scent right away.


The imperial facility was set up with 3 “End-cap units” each with a Sensor dish (SD1 to 3) on top, linked by a hexagonal small command module. Up near the top left corner, was Satellite relay 1, While Satellite relay 2 was opposite it near the top right corner (where Beta squad started), while SR 3 was in the middle of the bottom side, and SR 4 was opposite it near the top center.


So for the heroes, we set up in the bottom right corner (as per the map), with us all facing the bottom left corner. This put Satellite relay 3 (the one for 3 players), right in the path of both Y-wings, Snoopy and Twitch, along with the HWK-290 Zulu dawn. Snoopy stuck with Zulu through out all the mission, keeping close to provide him with Protect actions on an as needed bases. Twitch initially set up to follow us, but decided to go off on his own to the “5” marker, which is where Beta squad showed up, hoping to keep them all busy.

Basher and Shatter both headed off to Alpha squad to get them taken out.


Round 1, Snoopy target locked the first Sensor dish on the imperial base, while Zulu dawn TL'ed Sensor relay 3 (SR3). Basher popped off a Seismic torpedo at the asteroid near where all 3 fighters in Alpha wing were headed towards, damaging both Red and Green 1. Snoopy misses his shot to ionize the base Sensor dish (SD1) rolling 3 bloody blanks, and 2 blanks and a focus on his TL re-roll after spending it.. Not an auspicious start. However Zulu dawn did hit his satellite relay, ionizing it. As per the mission, once a relay or dish got ionized, it was 'disabled' and a # token got pulled from the bag. This one was not our intended target. All imperial ships were out of range for their Counter shots. All 6 imperial ships still remaining.


Round 2, saw Tie fighter Green-1 bumping into Black 1, while Basher doing a hard turn, ran into the back end of Zulu dawn. Zulu shot at, but missed his shots on Red-1, while Twitch shot three times (thanks to his TLT and BTL title), but dealt only 1 measly damage to Black2. Snoopy ionizes Red-1. Shatter hit and finished off Red-1. Basher shot and dealt 1 damage to Sensor relay 2. Return fire from the imperials stripped off both shields on Shatter. Green and Black 1, Red, black and Green 2 remaining for imperial forces.


Round 3, there were no bumps, Zulu dawn ionizes Sensor dish 2, drawing a # and yet again, not our intended target. Snoopy ionizes Green-1, while basher finishes it off for the kill. Shatter missed his shots at black 1, while black 1, red 2 and black 2 all missed their counter shots. However Green-2 smacked off 1 shield from Twitch. Twitch for his part, dealt 2 damage to Satellite relay 2 (the one near the starting point of Beta squad), disabling it. Yet again a wrong token was pulled. Imperial forces down to Black 1, and Red-green and black 2.


Round 4, had the 2 ties in Gamma squad (both on blue bases) showing up in the same spot Alpha squad did, Snoopy and Zulu kept on their sweep taking them almost on top of the imperial installation. Basher bumped into Green-3. Twitch had to maneuver to avoid an asteroid, pushing him into not having a shot, while Shatter also had none, after running onto an asteroid, taking 1 hull damage in the process. After the bump, basher had no shot. Zulu shot and disabled Satellite relay 4, which was our intended target, while Snoopy shot at but missed Satellite relay 1. Black-2 strips a 2nd shield from Twitch. No other ties shot at him or us, but Shatter got a 2nd hull damage. No new imperial forces killed.


Round 5, saw Inspect squad show up exactly at the same spot Alpha and Gamma did, in the bottom left corner, making Basher go “OOPS!.” However, the interceptor bumped Basher, The lambda bumped the interceptor, and Green-3 bumped into black 1. Snoopy's Ion bomb caused havoc with Red-2 and Green 2, ionizing both, as well as taking out Sensor dish 2. All the imperial shots missed, except one which hit and stripped a shield of of Zulu dawn, even with Snoopy giving him a Protect evade token. Zulu performs his Scan action to do his “mission”. Shatter shoots and kill's Red-3. Imperial forces down 3 tie fighters.


Round 6, saw Green-3 bumping into Zulu dawn, The lambda bumped into Black 1. All rebel forces start preps for hyperspacing out, but only Shatter make the required 3 “hits” on the roll. Basher loses his 2 shields to the Lambda. 1 more stripped from Zulu-dawn.


Round 7, Snoopy, Twitch and Basher all make it into hyperspace, leaving Zulu dawn to weather 1 round of fire, but he only loses his last shield.


Round 8, Delta squad shows up, at #5, right where Beta squad started. Zulu continues his attempts to ramp up into hyperspace, and due to his PS being even with the Lambda, HE moved AFTER the lambda did (but as per the rules of HOTAC) the Lambda shot him before his attempt to go came, but dealt NO damage.. Zulu Enters hyperspace.

Rebel victory. No friendly's killed or pilots EVA. Imperial forces killed, only 3 tie fighters.


Xp earned 5 by Snoopy, but he gained the mission bonus award of +2xp for doing the most protect actions to the HWK. 6 spent to upgrade his PS to 3.

2xp by Twitch. None spent, all banked.

6xp by Shatter, bringing him up to 10 total. 4 spent to purchase a Proton torpedo, the remaining 6 to upgrade his PS to 3.

Basher earned 7xp, bringing him up to 10. 6 spent to likewise bring him up to PS 3 along with everyone else, the remaining 4 banked.

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Storyline Capture officer, Mission 1, Capture imperial officer.

Imperial forces – Inspect squad comprising of one Lambda with +4 shields, Flight officer crew, Anti-pursuit laser and Sensor jammer system. Alpha squad comprising of 3 Tie fighters (red, blue and green-1). Elite squad showing up on Round 2 compirisd of only 1 Tie bomber, Silver 1. Beta squad comprised of 2 Tie fighters (purple 1 and 2), showed up in round 4. Gamma squad also had 2 Tie fighters, which would have shown up in round 8. While Delta squad had 3 Tie interceptors, Black, Brown and Red-brown 3, and they would have shown up in round 11.


The Rebel forces still had Snoopy (with the added munition of a Proton Torpedo and the ship mod of Stealth device), Basher, (no upgrades purchased since mission 2), Shatter (added a proton torpedo), and Twitch. All at PS 3.

Mission goal – Disable imperial shuttle, kill all other fighters. Mission length, 12 turns.


Imperial set up had the Lambda flanked by the 3 fighters of Alpha squad, mid board, both X-wings coming in on one side (closest to the two fighters) and the two Y-wings on the opposite side.


Round 1. Fighter red and green-1 both banked in the same direction towards the X-wings, while Blue-1 hard right turned towards the Y-wings, with the lambda on it's tail. Twitch and Snoopy both Tl'ed the shuttle, while both Basher and Shatter Tl'ed Red-1. Snoopy launched his proton torpedo, but the dice were not with him only dealing 1 shield damage to the Lambda. Twitch also hit it for 3 shields damage. Basher missed his shot, while Shatter did 1 hull to Red-1. The Imperial counter fire stripped snoopy of all 3 of his shields, while missing the two X-wings.


Round 2. The Bomber, came in almost right behind Basher. Blue-1 bumped into Snoopy, while the Lambda rolled a hard “stay”. This unfortunately caused Snoopy to bump into the shuttle. As such Snoopy could only try his Ion turret on Blue 1, rolling 3 blanks vs 2 evades.. Basher Tl'e the shuttle, and missed his shot, but the munition's failsafe kicked in, not wasting the torpedo. Twitch hit and stripped 1 more shield from the shuttle. The Bomber hit and stripped both shields and stressed Basher.


Round 3, Red-1 bumped into Basher, while the Lambda bumped into Blue-1. Shatter bumped into Green-1. After discussion, snoopy dropped his Ion bomb, dealing 2 ion tokens to both Blue-1 and the lambda, but it was not till later, we realized that was a MAJOR mistake. Most every shot the rebels made missed, but Twitch had his last shield stripped by combined fire from Red and Green-1.


Round 4, the two fighters in Beta squad, show up at #3 spot, putting the two Y-wings in their front. They move to either side of a debris field, giving only 1 a shot (purple-2) at Twitch. All shots miss, except for one fighter, which dealt 2 hull damage to Snoopy.


Round 5, due to the Ion damage the Lambda took, it's “1” straight move, sees it leave the map, and gets “KIA” causing an immediate mission loss to the rebels. Twitch hits and finally kills Green-1, while he took a hull damage from Red-1's return fire. All others had either no shot, or missed/started hyperspace preps..


Round 6. Snoopy, Basher and Shatter both make it into hyperspace. Twitch aborts as he shoots Purple-1. Things don't look good as he takes another hull in return fire, and now has ALL the other fighter's focusing on him.


Round 7, Twitch tries to make a hyper-jump, but fails with two focuses only. However the imperial fighter's combined fire, dealt 5 hull damage, blowing him up. His EVA roll came up blank, so no XP was lost.


XP earned = 2 for Basher, 3 for Shatter, 3 for Snoopy and 6 for Twitch.

While not an Imperial victory, it WAS a Rebel loss...

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4th mission. Replay of Capture Imperial Officer (Capture officer storyline);

Same players as before, me with Snoopy, a PS3 Y-wing with the Ion turret, Ion bomb, Proton torpedo, an R2 base astromech and the ship mod of Stealth device. And basher, a PS 3 X-wing, with a proton torpedo, the ship modification Munitions failsafe and a base R5 astromech.

Don with Twitch, a PS3 Y-wing who had the BTL-4A title, a Twin laser turret and a Targetting Astromech. And Shatter, a PS3 X-wing with R4-D6, a Seismic torpedo (or proton torpedo) and the ship mod, Vectored thruster.

From last mission where we failed, Shatter had earned 3xp, all of which got banked. He went with his proton torpedo for this mission. Twitches 6 earned XP joined the 2 he had in the bank, and were used to purchase the Cluster Mine bomb (4xp) and a Plasma Torpedo (3xp) saving the final 1.

Snoopy's 3xp all got banked, bringing his savings up to 4. while Basher's 2xp joined the 4 he had in the bank, and were all used to purchase the Outmaneuver EPT (3 squad points = 6xp)

Of the 2 mission cards pulled, one was “capture officer” the other was the start of chasing phantoms. Our mission loss last time, left a foul taste in our mouths, so we opted to replay it.


The imperial forces were the same. A single Lambda surrounded by 3 Tie fighters for Alpha squad (Red/green and blue-1). A single Elite bomber showing up in round 2 (silver-2), Beta squads 2 fighters (purple 1 and 2) showing up in round 4. Delta's two fighters (red base-1 and redbase-2) showing up in round 8, and if It got that far, a trio of Tie interceptors (red-3, black-3 and brown-3) in round 11.


Squad leader was on Twitch again. Imperial set up had the Lambda flanked by the 3 fighters of Alpha squad, mid board, however, this time we set up where both my ships were on one side, towards the '5-o'clock' position of the lambda, while Don's two ships were even with the Tie fighter Green-1.


Round 1, Red and blue-1 both moved, but due to an asteroid being close, split up, one doing a 3K the other a 3 bank. The other fighter moved towards Don's ships, but had no shot. Snoopy tried to shoot and ionize Red-1 but rolled 3 blanks to 2 evades. Bash hit 3 dam (inc 1 crit) on Blue-1 but another 2 evades (lucky ties) saw only 1 hull damage result. Twitch shot and hit the lambda with 2 damages from his primary weapon, but due to it's “sensor jammer” one got canceled, so it lost one shield, and lost a 2nd to the 2nd shot of his Twin turret. Shatter's shot at Green-1 was likewise a miss.. So only 1 fighter suffered damage...


Round 2 showed the Silver-2 elite bomber show up all the way over on #4, at the top of the map, far out from the engagement. Basher Bumped red-1, and Snoopy's hard 2, kept him in line with Blue-1 but yet again he missed with his turret, even with spending his TL. Twitch shot and 2 more shields with his primary shot bumping down to 1 hit from the sensor jammer. His two TLT shots totally whiffed. The Lambda's now down 3 shields of 9. Green-1's counter, stripped 1 shield from Bash, while Red-1 did the same to Snoopy. Neither of the other ships hit Twitch or shatter.


Round 3, saw Shatter popping his proton torpedo into the Lambda, doling out 3 more damage to it's shields. Snoopy finally ionized Red-1 making both it and blue-1 have 1 hull damage each. Twitch and Bash both missed their shots, and luckily so did all the tie fighters.


Round 4, saw Beta squad's two purple base fighters show up right smack in Shatter's face. Blue-1 bumped into basher, while green-1 bumped twitch. While Shatter's maneuvering saw him bump into the shuttle, and due to it's anti-pursuit laser, saw him lose a shield for his effort. Snoopy ion bomb hits only blue-1, and both bash and snoopy fire forward into Silver-2, causing it 3 hull damage. Shatter kills green-1 (yay one dead), while being smacked by an Ion-pulse missile from Silver-2 causing him 1 hull damage and 2 ion tokens.. Twitch had no shot. Counter shots from Red-1 missed bash (barely), and purple 1 and 2 had no shot.


Round 5, Due to the ion on Shatter, he bumped the lambada a 2nd time losing another hull. Snoop deals a 4th hull damage to Silver-2, while Basher's shot kills it.. Due to it being an Elite bomber he earned 3xp himself, and 1xp for everyone (totaling 4 just there!!),Twitch deals a 2nd hull damage to Blue-1.


Round 6, Red-1 had to hard 2 ad barrel roll to get back into the thick of things. Shatter strips 2 more shields from the lambda, leaving it with just 3 left. Bash strips 2 more off it, and Snoopy's ion canon stripped the last, leaving it now shieldless and ionized. However counter fire, strips snoopy of all his shields and gives him 1 hull damage.


Round 7, the Lambda bumps into snoopy, while his move (after the lambda) had him in prime range to ion it again giving it a hull damage, while Bashers shot hits it for a 2nd hull, finally disabling it. Twitch shoots and kills Purple 1, while Shatter gives Purple 2 two hull damage.


Round 8, Delta's two fighters (Red base 1 and red base 2) show up at #1 out of the fight for now. Twitch hits and kills Red-1 (finally). No other shots hit.


Round 9, saw the 3 shots that were able to be done, ALL miss.


Round 10, Shatter and Basher, being both down to 1 hull each, try to go to hyperspace with Blue-1 hot on their tail, Shatter makes it, basher doesn't.


Round 11, all 3 Interceptors show up at #4, putting them quite a bit out there. Twitch hits and gives RB-1 2 hull damage, while Basher escapes into hyperspace. Now all Twitch and Snoopy need to do is survive one more round and we've won.. Snoopy though takes 4 hull damage from the counter fire from the imperials (OUCH!)


Round 12, both of us discussed things, and planned it to where I (being down to 1 hull as well), would try to get into hyperspace while he would move to hopefully not get shot at by much.. BUT alas, we were both mistaken. I entered hyperspace ok, but he got shot at by all 3 interceptors, taking 5 hull damage, killing him.. Making it a mission loss (as no rebel fighters survived on the map)..


OUCH.. To lose it all like that hurts.... However, everyone earned good XP.. 10 for Basher, 9 each for Snoopy and Twitch and 6 for Shatter.


Snoopy's using his 9xp (+ all 3 of his bank) to upgrade his PS to 4, and buy a shield upgrade modification.  Basher is also upgrading his PS to 4, and is banking his last 2. 

Not yet sure what Don is going to do with Shatter or Twitch yet.



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So Don decided to spend 10 of his 12xp for Twitch, getting a shield mod and the EPT of Predator, while Shatter is spending the 6 he earned on the EPT of Marksmanship.  So now Twitch, shatter and snoopy all have epts.  Need to get one on Basher, once i get more XP for him.

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Just looked into it, and had Twitch opted to get a different astromech, the R4-d6, the one that allows you to cancel out damage (down to taking 2), for stress, he'd have survived.

But alas he has a targeting astromech....

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Well, the holidays are over, so we got back to it tonight.  Re-ran the Capture officer mission (a 2nd time)...

With the Xp earned from the 1st replay, even if it was a loss, Twitch purchased himself the Predator EPT (6xp) and Shield upgrade (4xp) with the 9 xp he earned and 1 of the 2 he had in 'savings'.

Snoopy used the 9 he earned plus 3 from his bank, to upgrade his PS to 4 and purchase a shield modification. This left him only with 1 left in his bank.

Shatter purchased the EPT of Marksmanship with his six, keeping him at 1 in the bank, so his PS is still 3 (for now).

And Basher, upgraded his PS to 4, banked his last 2.


The imperial forces were the same (3 Tie fighters in Alpha squad and the Lambda to start with, adding an Elite bomber at PS3 (rolled for an AI card with a proxy mine and Concussion missile), showing up in Round 2. Beta squads 2 fighters (Blue base 1 and 2) showing up in round 4. Delta's two fighters (Purple base-1 and 2) showing up in round 8, and if It got that far, a trio of Tie interceptors (red-3, black-3 and brown-3) in round 11.

The fighters organized themselves with Blue 1 on one side of the Lambda, and Red and Green-1 on the other. Basher and Snoopy lined up to the rear of the two fighters, while Shatter and Twitch lined up just to the rear of the singular fighter.


Round 1, Twitch and Shatter had planned a 3 left bank, while Basher and Snoopy planned a 3 straight. Then the 2 fighters right turn 2, and both took a focus, while the one on the left did a 3 turn. The lambda also did a 2 left turn barely avoiding bumping Blue-1, however as his turn was a hard one he still got no action. Both Bash and Snoopy gave Red-1 a hull damage each, while Twitch missed his shot on Blue-1, however Shatter gave it a hull damage.


Round 2, saw Several bumps on the imperials side, and Shatter lose his shields to the Bomber that came in (EEK!), while Twitch tore into the Shuttle's shields taking 3 of them. Snoopy and Bash gave Green-1 two hull damage too.


Round 3, saw Twitch, Basher and Snoopy change sides, while Shatter did a 4K, to try and get in behind the Bomber, however his shots missed. Snoopy's Ion bomb gave Red-1 two ion tokens but was JUST out of range to do the same to Green-1. Twitch loses 2 shields to Blue-1, while Shatter gets hit by the Shuttle for a hull damage.


Round 4 saw the 2 fighters of Delta show up, the Shuttle lose the last of it's shields to both Bash's and Snoopy's torpedo, and Shatter kill Blue-1. Twitch lost his last shield. Shatter gets a Sensor's disabled Critical.  (Ouch)


Round 5, Twitch tore into and killed Green-1, while Shatter could not do the same to Red-1 as he failed to succeed in clearing his critical hit. Bash killed the Elite bomber, and Snoopy gave the Lambda a hull damage.


Round 6, the Lambda gets disabled by the combined fire of Snoopy Bash, while Twitch kept missing the new guys. However he did drop his Cluster mines, which tore into Blue base 1. Shatter entered hyperspace successfully due to being down to 1 hull remaining. (YAY!.  The fighter rolled over 2 of the parts of the mine, taking 4 dice which rolled 2 hits).


Round 7, the rebels successfully kill off the last 2 fighters on the board. This means they had a win! YAY.

Bash and Twitch both earned 8xp individually, 7 for Twitch and 6 for Shatter. Everyone also earned 2 bonus points for disabling the Lambda, AND clearing out the board of every active ship, which prevented both Gamma squad showing up (+1xp for all) and the trio of Tie interceptor's (a 2nd bonus XP for all). Making the final awards +10 Bash, +10 Snoopy, +9 Twitch, +8 Shatter.


Bash used his 10 to get a Shield upgrade and a Plasma torpedo, so he has alternate ordinance to use. Snoopy purchased the EPT of Expertise. Twitch upped his PS to 4 and purchased a Stealth device. Lastly Shatter upgraded his PS to 4. So all are now at PS4.

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So me and Don, instead of running our normal game, played one of my new missions as a 5th playtest.  It was the first mission in Story 2.

EDIT- Moved to it's own thread..

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Well tonight we had a 2nd player show up, giving us 6 full fighters if we wanted, but me and Don dropped to just 1 ship each, letting our new player (Ryan) take 2 ships to get a feel for the game.  I spent over 20 minutes talking to him, going over the rules, ship builds, earning XP etc, then we got into it.

He took an X-wing with the Engine upgrade (so he could boost), and a Y-wing with a Proximity mine, Flechette torpedo and Munition's failsafe, with an R7 for his droid.

The Mission cards we pulled were for "Refueling station, part 1, Rescue Rebel Operative", and "Imperials Strike Back part 1, Imperial Counter attack."  Ryan as our newest guy went and selected the Rescue operative mission, as he 'loves' HWKs.. 

I kept with my Y-wing Snoopy, who by now has been upgraded to have the EPT of Expertise.   Don went with Shatter using his XP from the successful 3rd run at the Capture officer Part 1 mission to shift himself up to PS4.


By the mission write up.  Goal rescue HWK-290, which was sitting on the opposite side of the board, with a disabled Sensor array crit, and 4 shields. 

We had to escort/eliminate opposition till it got off the board via our side of the map.  IF we did any protect actions on it (None were done) some got bonus XP.

Enemy opposition was; Alpha squad - 3 tie fighters, starting off in the "Bottom right" corner, Beta squad - 3 tie fighters starting in the opposite corner.  Both with the "Strike AI" meaning they focused their moves exclusively on the HWK till either it was killed or it fled.  BUT they shot at whom ever was closer.

Coming in on Round 3, was an Elite tie Interceptor.  In Round 5, we got another 3 pack of Tie fighters, and finally 2 more tie fighters in Round 7.


We started out having Shatter run at the enemy fighters as fast as possible, the rest closed in safely.  Then the HWK did a 3 turn.  Suffered a round of fire losing 2 shields. 


By the 2nd round it had cleared its damaged array critical, we had damaged 2 of the Ties, and things were going ok.  Then the Elite Interceptor showed up and tore into Ryan's X-wing (took all 3 shields in one go!).  After some counter fire, the Interceptor took 1 damage and one of the fighters died off.

By the 4th round i had dropped my Ion bomb, ionizing the Interceptor and a fighter, and gave it a 2nd hull and 3rd ion token from my ion turret.  Ryan's Y-wing had dropped its proximity mine, which gave the Int it's first hull (after taking off it's shield, that the elite level gave it).

2 more rounds passed, and we slowly took out 2 more tie fighters. 

BY round 7, when the "Magnetic base" two fighters of Delta showed up, the HWK was almost off the board, and Ryan's two ships were angled towards the escape edge..  Eventually a 4th and 5th tie fighter died off, and in round 7 the HWK escaped.  In the very next round, Both Ryan's ships made it out.  Then Don's, Shatter hyperspaced out.  Unfortunately i didn't make my hyperspace roll.  And died to the fire of 3 of the Tie fighters..  The Interceptor having given Ryan's two ships a smacking in its first 2 rounds of combat, was relatively ineffective the following rounds.


After we cleared up every thing, Ryan's X-wing earned 5xp, his Y-wing 3xp, Shatter 3xp, and Snoopy 4xp.  Though i lost my Ion cannon Turret, from going Eva.  Had to use one of the 3xp i had in Bank, to re-purchase it.  Ryan spent his 5xp for his X-wing on purchasing an R7-T1 astromech and Plasma torpedo.  His Y-wing purchased a Dorsal Turret.


He loved things so much, he's going to join for good...

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We conviened for tonights game, and pulled the 2nd mission in the same story the HWK was used in..  So off to defeat some sensor nets.  Me and Donovan decided "what the heck, just make it a full on 6 player table" each running both our X-wings and Y'wings..  So our enemies were

Alpha, 4 tie fighters

Beta, 4 tie fighters

Investigation, up to 4 tie interceptors

Elite, 1 Tie advance prototype elite.

There were 12 asteroids in play, each having a sensor unit on (the units only had 2 hull, but they all had 3 evade die AND the sensor jammer modification that allowed them to turn one HIT, into a focus, that the attacker couldn't modify).  So it was a pain to kill the buggers.


We started, all split up..  A big booboo in hind sight.  Ryan's to ships all the way on the right side, me in the middle, and Donovan's on the left. 

Cause of the mission paramiters/rules, we managed to trigger ALL 4 tie advanced in Investigation squad by round 2...  And that made things a lot harder.

By the time we killed our 2nd sensor unit, Bash had gotten Eva'ed.  Then came Ryan's Y-wing (still hasn't named his pilots yet).  By round 8, Twitch went EVA as well..  Followed by Shatter. 

Ryan's 4 yr old was causing a bit of a ruckus, so he called it 'quits' for his ship, (we played it out for 2 more rounds to see if it went into hyperspace, and on the 2nd round it succeeded before getting blown up). 

The only survivor..  Snoopy..  BUT barely (had 3 hull at the end of things).  And we'd only managed to destroy 9 of the sensor units by the 12th round..  Though we DID eliminate 5 of the fighters, and 3 of the interceptors (but the mission lets more come in to replace those killed)...  GHEEE>.

Man did this mission drag on.   WE started just after 6:15, and ended just prior to 9;30.. 


Due to going eva, Bash only earned 2xp, and his EVA roll caused him to lose his Proton torpedo (his most expensive upgrade).  Twitch lost his Twin laser turret, but at least earned a decent amount.  Donovan's going to invest in switching over to a B-wing.  Shatter lost his proton torpedo too..  He earned 5xp.   Ryan's X-wing earned 5xp to.  Snoopy though made out earning 10. 

I am torn between upgrading snoopy with that 10xp, to a PS of 5, or doing like Donovan did, and shifting over to the B-wing.  I'd lose my ion cannon turret and not be able to use either of the 2 bombs i have, but i would gain the ability to barrel roll, and at PS6, could purchase the ship mod of B-wing E/2, that would then give me a crew slot to get Sabrine Wren, so i could then re-equip my bombs..  However being PS5 also sounds nice..

Bash i am going to use the 2xp he got and the 5 he has in bank to re-purchase the proton torp.  Not sure what Donovan's going to do with Shatter.

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So me and Donovan showed up for this week's session (no idea where the other guy was, but maybe he thought better of coming, if he had to bring his kid, after the disruption she caused last session).

So we decided to replay the failure of Mission 2, disable the sensor net, for the Refueling station storyline.

After checking the sheets, Twitch didn't have enough XP to upgrade to the B-wing (he wrote some numbers in wrong).  So kept with Twitch, in his Y-wing for now. He also had Shatter, who used the Xp to replace the lost Proton torpedo he had taken from going EVA.  Though for some reason he also had marked out his Vectored thrusters upgrade..  Bash i just banked his XP, and Snoopy i did take the option to boost his PS to 5. 


So this time, we all set up on one side of the map to head towards one of the enemy fighter groups, hoping to take some out before the Elite Interceptors in Patrol squad showed up...  Well, we were NOT rewarded for our boldness... In the first round alone, only 1 enemy got damaged, one sensor array got damaged, and Snoopy got raked badly by the 3 tie fighters.. THEN WE rolled poorly and had 3 of the 4 potential interceptors of "Patrol squad show up", slap bang in front of us.. 

By the 3rd round, Snoopy was down to just 1 hull left, though his ion bomb did it's work, neutering 1 interceptor and 1 fighter for 2 rounds.  Twitch had finally destroyed one sensor, and so did Bash.  Shatter had popped of his Seismic torpedo, destroying one of the ateroids the senor unit was on (but not destroying the unit at all)..  Did damage one of the 2 fighters near it though.

Things got progressively worse.. Shatter was first to go EVA in round 6 iirc.. Then after a few good rounds of movement and shooting, we'd taken out 6 of the 12 sensor units..  And the Tie Advance prototype elite showed up..  RIGHT near Twitch..  Unfortuntely he managed to kill Twitch before he entered hyperspace..  2 rounds later, Snoopy and Bash had entered, after seeing that with only 4 rounds left, there was no way to finish things off.

Twitch earned 11 total XP, but lost 5xp from going EVA along with his Twin laser turret.  However the 6xp he kept, joined the 3 in bank to upgrade him to a B-wing, with the Accuracy Corrector system upgrade..  He sold back his targeting astromech earning half of its cost, so banked 1xp.  Now he just needs to get a cannon.. 

Shatter earned 4xp, but lost his Marksmanship EPT, after rolling a dreaded CRIT for his EVA roll..   EEK!

Snoopy earned a nice 9xp, so purchased the pilot ability of Ehatn akaht..  (sp??).. Which allows an ally of his to get to convert one hit rolled into a critical, if the enemy THEY are shooting at is in MY primary firing arc.. + assit kill xp potential there.  Bash earned enough to upgrade his PS to 5. 

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1st running of Who's got the snow shoes, mission 1 of “A Cold day” story

Ok, so with Don missing out last weekend (so I ran a play test instead), we got together this week, to make it up. NOT wanting to replay that sensor net mission for now, we pulled 2 different mission cards. Tread softly, a lot of mines there, we passed. And then the first mission in my 2nd new story. As he remembers it from the one time we both play tested it, we said “YEA lets”..


So in came his shiney new B-wing, and his X-wing, along with my two.


The mission was played on a 3x3 planet map, 12 round limit, HOSTILE terrain, and has no asteroids, but does have 4 Proximity mines.

For our mission goals, we had 3. First was locate the enemy base, 2nd was SCAN IT, and 3rd was escape with the data..

We had bonus awards for stopping or destroying both of the reinforcement squads (Charlie and Delta), AND destroying the Decimator. Unfortunately, neither occurred..


Starting imperial forces were a trio of tie fighters down in the bottom left corner, and a pair of Bombers coming out of Hanger bay 2.. The Decimator, deactivated was sitting on a landing pad right down near where the fighters were. IT activates in round 5 at the latest, but depending on what WE did, It could activate earlier..

For reinforcements, we had a pair of interceptors coming out of the first hanger bay on round 3, and another tie bomber in round 7.


We didn't even make it that far!!


We set up, to where both of his ships went straight after the decimator, while I went after the bombers..

The first round saw 2 of the proximity mines get destroyed, and no counter damage taken.

The 2nd saw Twitch get raked for 3 of his 6 shields.

The 3rd round, saw him shoot at the Decimator. Taking it for all 7 of his shields.. BUT he rolled a hit, so will activate next round.. THAT Spelled our doom.

Twitch was first to get blown up, in Round 4, then came Shatter AND Bash in round 5.. Snoopy finally died in round 6.. WOW a total party wipe.. EGADS!!


As per the rules of HOTAC if you have a total party wipe, the campaigns over the rebels lose, but I change that to as long as some of the active ships are still alive (RYANS) its not over..


Twitch earned only 3xp, but lost his proton torpedo. Shatter lost his torpedo too, and earned iirc 4xp. Snoopy earned only 2, and lost his ion cannon turret, but had enough in the bank to replace it with a Dorsal turret..

However, because of rolling 3 Critical hits, Bash is killed for good... RIP BASHER!


For my replacement X-wing to take Bash's place i plan doing similar to Ryan, going with an Engine upgrade and an R5 astromech for all 5 of my xp..  Don used xp he earned or had in the bank, to replace both of his lost torpedos...

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With the death of Bash, I needed to create a new X-wing to replace him, so I made a temp Y-wing too, so I could run at 2 ships level. The X-wing I created is called Chrek. Has an Engine upgrade (4xp) and an R5 astromech (the other point), while the Y-wing is ImoThep, with an R7-T1 astromech, Dorsal turret, and Seismic bomb.


My running of it didn't go so well for Shrek. He diedded... In the 3rd bloody round (that's kind of what happens when you get in the face of 3 tie fighters!!).. Thep made it till round 7 before he fell too.. Chrek died on the spot, with 2 crits!!! So his replacement, Shreak came in.. Exactly the same build.

Imo, earned only 3xp, which helped replace the dorsal turret that got blown off. SO it was a total wash!


So I ran it again, this time though Shreak died, Imo pulled out the win.

We ran as a pack, hunting down the lone fighter in Beta squad, leading Alpha's 2 to get split by putting an asteroid in their way, so they had to vear around it.. The Seismic bomb and boosting came in real handy.. However, some shots taken, saw Shreak, eventually going EVA in round 7. Imo lasted the whole time, though finally went EVA in the last bloody round..

In this running, we took out 3 of the 4 tie fighters, but that damnable interceptor was a pain to get rid of.. It was the one that put Shreak EVA..

Shreak earned 5xp, which got used to replace his blown out engine upgrade. ImoThep earned 5, and used it to purchase a plasma torpedo.


So I had to give it a 3rd running, this time. And this time they had the victory. Shreak took out the interceptor, but Imo was the one who shined, taking out 3 of the ties himself.. He earned 9xp, so upped his PS to 3, and purchased a stealth device. Shreak earned only 6, so used it to get himself a proton torpedo..


Then we did one mission, the Capture imperial officer, part 1..

Our foes for this were 2 fighters escorting a lambda. An elite tie advance came in on the 2nd round, followed by a 3rd tie in r4 and 8, and two interceptors in r11.

The first round saw us chew out all 5 of the shuttle's shields AND deal it a hull, but Shreak lost both of his shields to the return fire of the 2 tie fighters. Then things slowly got bad..

By the 4th round, only 1 tie fighter was dead, though the Lambda ran itself aground disabling itself. That made it lucky for us as we wouldn't have his nasty damage coming our way. ImoThep however, lasted till the 7th round before finally taking damage, making GREAT use of his droid to lock then boost beyond an enemy's guns.. By round 9, we realized we were not going to win, so hyperspaced out. Shreak made it out, Thep didn't, that round at least, and had all his shields and 3 of his hull taken away from the imperial fire.. Luckily he moved in a manner that the tie advance COULDN'T shoot him, before he made it into hyperspace the following round..

ImoThep earned himself 9xp though, so used it to get the EPT of Predator. Shreak also earned 9xp, upped his PS to 3 and purchased himself a stealth device...


I will do them both One more running at this mission, before I consider both proper replacements for Bash.. And snoopy, should he die...

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Well, after some hickups over the past few weeks in managing to get together, tonight me and Don got back to it.. 

We pulled the "no body's home" card and "defector" card.  Since we've done the first part of both story's, Don asked to read through the mission write ups for both..  Eventually we settled on the No body's home, part 2 of the Capture imperial officer storyline.


So our mission, was we had a Lambda shuttle (the one captured in the prior mission), placed 'derilict' near our side of the board, and on the opposite side we had

Alpha squad -1 tie interceptor (Purple base)

Beta squad - 1 tie interceptor (Blue base)

Charlie squad - 2 tie fighters, and 1 elite interceptor (red bases)

the imperial lambda (elite)

And Epislon squad - 3 tie fighters.


Now Alpha and beta squads had attack AI, while Charlie, Epislon and the Lambda, were at a "Flee AI", but approached OUR lambda, till one got in range to scan it, then they tried to flee..  Our goal was to stop AS many of them fleeing as possible (at 4 players, if we let 3 or more flee, we lost)..

So in round 1, we all stayed hidden, letting the imps come in.

In Round 2, Twitch came out of hiding, and one shotted one of the fighters in Charlie.  Got missed by the return fire.

In round 3, everone else came out of hiding and started hitting the imps from all sides..  Snoopy was first to get hit back ,losing out all 4 of his shields and taking one damage after getting raked by both the imperial Lambda, and the elite interceptor.  But a 2nd tie from Episolon had died..  Now the imps were in range and started scanning..

It took 2 more rounds before any imp got close to fleeing, and by then a 3rd had died.  At this point, both Shatter and Shrek were down both shields..  Then in round 6, Shrek was sent Eva.. 

In round 7, Snoopy got in the killing blow, on the imperial Lambda.  This meant that as only 3 imps remained, as long as we took ONE out, we'd win.. 

Then in round 8, Shatter killed himself a 4th tie fighter.  None of the interceptors got touched.. AND it took till that 7th round, for twitch to even LOSE a shield!!  Man was donovan hot on his die rolls for defense with him..


So, Due to the 2xp we lost for letting 2 of the imperials flee, Shrek earned only 1xp.  BOO.  AND worse, from going eva he lost his Proton torpedo..

Shatter banked all 6xp he earned, bringing him to 9 in the bank..  One more and he can upgrade to PS5.

Twitch used 3 of the 4xp he earned, to fill his Cannon slot..  An Ion cannon!

And Snoopy earned 4xp.  He used it and 1 he had in bank, to purchase an advance proton torpedo...

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OK.  So me and Donnovan played last night.  Pulled mission 2 of the defector storyline, and mission 1 of my new storyline 1..  Chose the latter.

As per the playtest notes we had our rebel base, 2 turrets, and it was on a 3x4 map.

MAN did things go VERY VERY EASY for us.  All 3 fighters in Alpha squad were killed before the end of round 4.  One killed himself running over an asteroid.

Both bombers in Beta were killed before even getting in range of our base, while the lone one in Delta, was likewise swiftly dispatched.  We didn't even go through all 12 rounds, it was over in 7.. 

Looking at it, i noted i Did NOT DO ANY play testing of that mission, at 4 or more players..  So had to switftly do one quick running of it this morning (after returning from the dentist with 4 brand new crowns)..

Used the same 4 ships as we had before, but i added in a charlie squad (2 additional bombers) starting in round 2.

THIS was still a rebel victory, but was MUCH harder, as we lost one of our turrets and the base shield generator..  However the last bomber fell before he got his shot off against the 2nd of our turrets...


So i will do a re-edit of the mission paperwork to showcase that 'addition of charlie squad'..  I'll also run through 3 more play tests of it, just to ensure it's all copasetic...

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Imperial Counter assault, part 2, Evacuation.

Me and Donovan got together this evening, and the two mission cards pulled, were “Capture officer pt 2, no body's home, a loss the last time out for us, and part 2 in the new story line 1, Imperial Counter attack, Base Evacuation”. Because of how well we did in part 1, both of us were giddy about giving this a whirl.

So the set up had the same 3x4 map, 12 turn limit in Friendly terrain. Goals were to protect the two YT freighters, while they waited to get base personnel on them to evacuate and make it to the map side A, to hyperspace out. While this was going on, imperial forces showed up on Map side B, trying to disable the ships, so Lambdas could dock, and capture the staff.

For imperial forces we had; Alpha – 3 Tie fighters, Beta – 2 Tie bombers for the starting forces. Gamma -round 3, 1 elite and 1 regular bomber. Delta, Turn 5 – Should have been 2 regular Aggressors, but I buggered up and had the wrong page printed, showing just 1 elite aggressor for our combined PS level. ALSO in round 5, was Epsilon's Lambda, at +3 shields (making 8 shields total). And lastly in turn 7, was Sigma's Lambda (no bonus shields).


The imperial bombers (base) as in part 1, each had one proton torpedo and one plasma torpedo, the Elite added in a 2nd plasma torpedo and 1 ion bomb (though it never got the chance to drop it).

Their targeting priority was the Freighters, TILL both were disabled, then they could freely fire on rebel fighters. IF however (like in part 1), they were damaged, they could shoot a fighter at range 1. The elite also had the EPT of Calculation.

On the Aggressor, it had the Ion cannon turret modification, and an Ion pulse missile (only usable vs the freighters), though since I buggered up, it should NOT have been at PS4, (elite level), but there should have been 2 of them at PS2 instead.. My Screw up there.. However, as bad as things went down, I think if both had been there, it may have been worse!


For the Lambda's, the AI pilot card pulled for them, gave each the Ion projector modification (ion damage dealt to ships running into it) and Enhanced deflectors (regens 1 shield after taking 3 or more unopposed damage).


The first wave of imperials showed up mid board for the fighters, and in the lower right corner for the bombers.. Snoopy and Shrek (my two, Snoopy at PS6, and Shrek at PS4), headed towards them, while Twitch and Shatter focused more in the middle.. The first round saw no real fire as everyone was too far to shoot, except for Beta-2, who took 1 shield of the YT-2400, with a range 3 laser shot.. Lucky bugger.

In round 2, Snoopy had damaged Beta-1, while Shrek missed him, though both Shrek and Twitch gave the YT protect actions, so luckily when Beta-1 got in range to torpedo it with his plasma torpedo, it missed due to those evades.. However, right after Beta-2 stripped more shields off it, with his plasma torpedo..

In round 3, when Gamma's two showed up, they were all the way over on the other side of the battle field, so none of us could get close enough, to stop either shooting the YT-1300, severely damaging it in the 4th and 5th rounds of combat.

By this time though, Beta-2 had been killed by Snoopy. Then The Lambda showed up.. Along with the Elite Aggressor, right bank in Snoopy and Shrek's face.. This though gave me and Shrek the chance to chew a little into the shields of the lambda, but alas cost Shrek a # of his shields..

By round 6, when the first YT freed up to start moving out, The 2400 had been disabled by Beta-1 and the Lambda shredding its hull down to 1 remaining..

Luck was on our side when we saw the elite bomber get blown up by the combined fire of Shatter and snoopy. However, by this time, Shrek had been ioned (ran into the Lambda) AND the Aggressor. This had him facing the map edge, and by the time he would have bled off both of his ion tokens, he'd have been too close to do any maneuvering to escape going off the edge and being considered a 'mission kill'. So I had him try to hyperspace out in round 8, when we saw the 2nd lambda show up slap bang in front of hanger bay 1, freshly cleared out by the YT-1300...

Over the next few rounds, Shrek succeeded in getting out, and so too, did Shatter have to, after being taken down to 2 hull remaining..

The Twitch and Snoopy took out the elite aggressor. BUT by that time, the 2nd lambda had started docking.. With only 3 rounds remaining, we realized we were too far away to get close enough to it to take all 5 of his shields and 5 hull to kill it off, before it's troops captured the rebel base, and the half of the rebel command staff that were still on it.. So this would wind up being a mission loss for us, even though the 1300 did escape safely (barely, as it was at 3 hull out of 6.. one more damage and it too would have surrendered).

So both of us escaped into hyperspace, especially since Twitch had lost all shields and was down 1 of 3 hull..


By the mission write up, this was a mission loss. Though after doing a re-read of the mission, I realized I did NOT write in what happens, if one freighter escapes and the imperials capture the other one.. So made a quick edit that in that situation, rather than losing their most expensive upgrade period, they just lose their most expensive ordinance.

However, as it was not altered till I got home, we already recorded who lost what..

Twitch chose to lose his Ion cannon he just bought, though earned 10xp, so re-purchased it. Shatter lost his proton torpedo, but re-bought it AND added in an EPT of Expertise, clearing out all the XP he had in bank.

Shrek earned a paltry 4xp, 2 from each of the elites being killed, and 2 for doing the most protect actions on one of the freighters (so he got that bonus, couldn't hit for heck otherwise). BUT as he lost HIS proton torpedo, he banked 1xp, and used the remaining 3 to shift to a plasma torpedo instead.

Snoopy earned 12xp, having the most kills (2 of the 3 bombers and 1 of the fighters, and the aggressor), used 3 to get a 2nd shield upgrade (so he's now at 5 shields, as high as a starting B-wing), and shifted his turret over to a Twin laser, instead of his Dorsal (though he's keeping both, so he will decide which to use each mission). I COULD have just upped my PS to 7, but declined. He lost his advanced proton torp he just bought last mission..


All in all, unlike our first mission in this series, the dice were certainly NOT IN OUR favor this time out.

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Imperial Counter assault, part 2, Evacuation, 1st replay.

OK so we decided to give this a whirl, after last week's dismal showing. Shrek at PS4, Snoopy at PS 6, and both Twitch and Shatter benig at PS5 gave us a PS5 overall average. That meant that Charlie's bomber wave, came in with one of the 2 being an Elite. Otherwise all was the same as before (3 fighters in Alpha, and 2 bombers in Beta starting out, Charlie coming in on round 3, Delta's Avenger in round 5, along with Epsilon's Lambda, and Sigma's Lambda on round 7).


Like before I set up Shrek and Snoopy to go for the bombers in wave 1, while Twitch faced north so he could go to the side of the YT-1300, just in case Charlie's bombers showed up over on that side of the map, and Shatter went toe to toe with the fighters.

By round 3, the bombers of Beta had done some nasty damage to the YT-2400, but one was at 5 hull damage himself.. Then Charlie's showed up, and just like we predicted, they came in on that side.. Right into Twitch's front.. 1 bomber died in the third round, another 2 rounds later (when the aggressor and lambda showed up), 2 fighters by round 7, and though it was a hard slog with the Lambdas, by the 12th and final round, we'd cleaned the board of Every enemy fighter, and one of the Lambdas, one YT safely made it out (the 1300), and we stopped the imperials getting a boarding party into the rebel base..

So this week was a win for us, and we barely got touched. Snoopy lost 3 of his 5 shields, both for Shrek and 2 of 6 on Twitch.. ****, even our Turrets did their work, finishing off several of the fighters themselves..


Shrek earned himself 7xp, he used to acquire a shield upgrade.

Snoopy made the most again, earning 13xp. He upgraded his PS to 7, banking the remaining 5 for now.

Shatter earned 8xp. Cashed in his R4-D6 droid as he's barely had any use out of it, and purchased himself a R2-D2 instead, and had enough to up his PS to 6.

Twitch earned 11xp, and joined the 2 he had in bank to shift HIS PS to 6...



The dice were a LOT MORE with us this time, than last..  that's for sure!

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No body's home. Capture officer part 2, replay #1

So me and Donovan decided to get in one more game day before Origins next week. Our two mission cards pulled, were Capture officer part 2, No body's home, and Refueling station part 2, Disable sensor net. As we've tried that latter once twice, both with a loss, we decided on the first one, and even though our first outing was a loss, we hoped the 2nd run would be better.

The 6 asteroids and debris fields were out, our forces were arrayed, and so were the empire. Alpha had still the one interceptor, Beta though was now at 2 interceptors due to our PS being a 6 average now.

Delta was at 3 tie fighters and added in a Tie advance prototype, while Epsilon was also at 3 fighters, with an advance added in due to our group's PS level. The Lambda in command lance was at a PS of 4 so had the flight instructor crew, and Draw their fire EPT.. (though it should have been at a PS of 6, which would have meant it had the rebel captive crew slot and Captain Kagi pilot level. BUT I forgot that part, oh well).

Snoopy and Shrek (my two) were arraryed on debris fields off to the side of where the Lambda came in, hoping to get in behind them to drop an Ion bomb, while Shatter and Twitch were in front of them. With how things were set up, Donovan had Shatter activate in round 1, so he could pop off his Seismic torpedo into one of the larger asteroids, and hoped to damage all 5 of the imperial ships around it.. He lucked out and did damage to 3 of them, one being a critical (console fire). However, the Lambda was one of the two ships that did not get damaged.

THEN things went pear shaped for him as the return fire, stripped all three of his shields, gave him a stunned pilot critical AND one hull damage, almost killing him in one go.
After that, the rest of us decided to activate in round 2.. It didn't take the empire long to get two fighters in range to scan the disabled lambda, and shift to Flee ai (for all but the interceptors), and after Snoopy had dropped his ion bomb, he ionized the Lambda (which was sitting on an asteroid after being unable to avoid it), and kept it there for 3 rounds.. Slowly we whittled the imperial forces down, first came one of the interceptors in Beta, then one of Delta's fighters.. BUT unfortunately we were NOT able to stop 4 of the enemies from fleeing, making it yet another loss for the rebellion. Additionally Shrek got EVA'ed in round 5, and Shatter finally got taken out in round 7, leaving Twitch and Snoopy to slug it out till the end of the 10 round duration.. Though we DID destroy the lone interceptor in Alpha squad AND the lambda..


The net loss for us meant we took a -3xp hit, dropping Shrek from 4 possible down to 1xp earned, but his EVA roll was a Critical, so he lost his EPT of Intensity. He's going to replace it with Outmaneuver as he's got the XP in the bank for it.

Snoopy earned 5 after the penalty got taken off, so used it, and two of the 5 he had in bank to buy “Dash Rendar” for his EPT (7) level, pilot ability, giving him Two named pilots, and the Expertise EPT... Leaving him with only 3 remaining.

Shatter earned 12 total, dropping to 9xp, 6 after his penalty was taken off, and he lost his proton torpedo for his EVA penalization. However he replaced it with an Advanced proton torpedo. Leaving him 4xp still in his bank. Lucky bugger.. He was jammy as heck, taking out the most imperials..

Twitch however, took almost till the 7th round before he started earning any XP, taking home 3xp after the penalty was taken into account. He used it to purchase his 6ps modification slot, of the Crew, Sabine Wren, which will now allow him to equip bombs (and mines), so he can now go back to using the proximity/cluster mines he saved..


And while gaming, I learned from a # of the others in the store, that ALL 4 of my events at Origins, have sold out all tickets.. So I am gonna be busy there too!!


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Posted (edited)

Chasing Phantoms part 1, Needle in a Hay stack, 1st running.

OK, so we got back into the thick of things, after Origins. As per a suggestion Don mentioned last time, I randomly rolled up 2 of the missions, based on what we've already done vs what's left to do.. The first to come up on the random roll, was another run at A cold day in ****, part 1. The second was part one in the Chasing Phantoms series... After discussing it with Don via Email, we settled on that one.

So Chasing Phantoms is a 3x3 map, 10 ion clouds, 8 tracking tokens (4 base +4 for the # of players), with a 12 turn time limit in neutral territory.

Our primary goals were to scan each tracking token, to uncover the escape pod (#12 token in a bag), Help the YT-1300 (Recover-1) dock with it, and then get it to the escape side of the map.

We would have received a bonus had we also located and docked with the Cargo crate. Alas that was not to be.


With how things were set up for the 8 tracking tokens, the 2 closest ion clouds near us were empty of them. So we had Recover-1, and Snoopy form up on one side of the map, Shrek and Shatter in the middle, and Twitch on the left side. This would allow him to run through and ID several of the clouds tokens, before engaging the imperials as he swooped in their rear (hopefully). Shrek and Shatter would tangle with them, and Snoopy would hang back with the YT, to protect it.


Our enemies were 3 Tie fighters in Alpha squad (starting out), 3 Tie fighters AND 1 tie bomber in Beta squad (the random since our PS averaged 6), also starting out. Reinforcements consisted of 3 more tie fighters in Gamma squad, showing up on Turn 5, 2 randoms in Delta squad (pulled Defenders) showing up on turn 8, and Phantom squad consisting of 2 Phantoms, showing up the round after we uncovered the escape pod.


The first 2 rounds of combat, went with little hitting going on, Twitch getting one token scanned, same for Shatter, Snoopy and the YT. Alas neither of those were the escape pod. Then things got interesting. After the imperials moved for their 3rd round, 5 of the tie fighters (all of Alpha and 2 of Beta) were clustered around Snoopy, all pointing to the right side of the map. Perfect for him to drop his Ion bomb, causing 3 of them to be mission kills 2 rounds (or 3 in one ship's case) later when they ran off the map edge. By this time, Shrek and Snoopy's long range fire, had also destroyed the Bomber in Beta.

It wasn't till the 4th round, that The YT had finally reached near the imperial's first entrance side, and Snoopy was to his inside, when we unearthed the Escape pod.. At the same time Twitch unearthed the Cargo container.. However, due to where the imps of Gamma showed up, AND me making a booboo, the YT bumped INTO Snoopy, so couldn't get to the escape pod on Round 6, to start docking. It had to wait till round 7, to land over it, and round 8 to actually dock... At which time the Phantoms had started chasing down Twitch, who got raked in the first 2 rounds of combat with them, losing his Stealth device AND 4 of his shields. Man do they hit hard!

Starting into round 7, the YT finally was doing its docking. BUT this caused it to drop the one agility die it had AND not get off a shot.. Right slap bank when the defenders were showing up. This caused him to get RAPED for all of his shields, even with both Shrek and Snoopy giving him protect actions AND, one more tie fighter dying off.


By the time the pod had been picked up and the YT started moving off, it was down all of his shields, and would soon start taking hull damage. And by the mission's end (round 12), he was STILL too far off from escaping, Twitch had been sent Eva, Shatter and Shrek had both taken damage to their shields, and the YT was down to 1 measly hull.. And only ONE of the defenders had been killed, all but one fighter was KIA and both phantoms were down all their shields...


So it was a mission loss.. However, even with the loss, much experience was earned by all..

Snoopy pulled in the most, earning a massive 18xp total, 16 from all his damages and kills and 2 bonus from all his protections of the YT. He used it to upgrade to PS 8 (for 16xp) and the last 2 points went on the upgrade, Extra Munitions.

Shrek earned 8xp. He didn't have any in his Bank, and as he bought a shield upgrade last time, had no open slots to spend it, so banked it all.

Shatter earned only 6xp, and used it to get a shield upgrade, banking the last 3 (so is now at 7 in his bank).

Twitch though earned 4xp after his EVA penalty halved it. He also lost his Cluster mines, which he re-bought. This kept his bank at 2xp.


It wasn't till I was going though the notes for afterwards, I realized I messed up by making Delta squad's defenders both elites, rather than just regulars.. Their being PS3, put them moving after the YT, so may have had one LESS round of fire on it, than they did. Though I doubt that would have made much of a change in how things went..

Here's hoping when we do the replay of this mission, we find the escape pod earlier!!!

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