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Scum and Villainy Aces League Play in Tournament

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Howdy Yall! Welcome to the S&V play in tourney. We put a call out to Patrons who wanted to play in tourney for our 4th or 1st Aces league (Formerly Team Covenant Aces.)

How's this gonna work? We're doing an 8 person single elimination tournament and the winner gets to play in the league. Here's the Bracket, feel free to post your predictions. I might throw a prize in for the winning one.


How to participate:

We'll be playing extended 2nd edition on VASSAL with a 19 round limit. Starting Monday They'll have a week to get their games games in with their opponent.

By Monday I'll have a 200 point list for each opponent and I'll share them here. I'll do a write up for the match ups. From there each week the participants can submit a new list for the next round that following Monday if they like. I

I'll make sure each week to post the Vassal logs of each game for the Holonet's review.

Good Hunting to the participants.

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Current League as is participants:

Richard White
Tyler Tippett
Chris Allen
Will Burnackle
Travis Johnson
Ryan Farmer
Duncan Howard
Andrew Bunn
Alex Smittle
Patron Winner
Paul Heaver
Marcel Manzano

I'll get into a little more detail on the league as it comes to it.

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