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Rules: Trading

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Rules questions about Trading :

- is trading and interrupt ?
- if no, after a move action can a hero A :
  - trade with an adjacent hero B while being in an occupied space ? buy hero C for example ..
  - trade in the middle of an ability / Heroic feat later this same turn? (one having deplacement possibilities like : Logan Lashey HF, Knight's Advance, Champion's Motivating Charge , ...)

Thanks for the inputs !

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-Sort of, trading is a free action that can be done on your turn anytime after declaring a move action, but the only action that can generally be interrupted is a move action. Interrupting an action has a specific connotation in Descent.

   -No, to trade you must be able to stop in the space to perform trading.

   -Also no, actions can only be interrupted by abilities that can trigger during another action. "At any time" abilities generally can not interrupt other actions.

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