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Your ultimate star wars fleet

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So what would be your best combo of star wars ships into the best combat fleet possible.  Legends and canon both allowed.  Here is mine split into various tasks forces based on mission profiles

                           Combat task force
1 imperial 2/ nebula star destroyer (capital ship)
2 mc 80 home one Mon cal cruisers (battlecrusier)
3 Bothan assualt cruisers (heavy cruiser)
4 Vindicator heavy cruisers  (destroyer)
5 2 Carracks 2 Arquitens 1 nebulon b (light cruiser/frigate)
6 2 raider 2 tartan 2 lancer  (corvette)

                     Carrier task force
1 trade federation battleship
2 Venator star destroyers
3 Endurance fleet carriers
4 Escort carriers
5 nebulon b escort frigates
6 Marauder corvettes ( carrier type)

                   Auxiliaries task force
1 Interdictor ISD/ Madator IV/ torpedo sphere
2 Interdictor cruisers  (900 m variant)
3 Vindicator heavy cruisers
4 Broadside cruisers
5 Nebulon b 2 missle frigates
6 Marauder corvettes ( missle type)

                 Ground assualt task force
1 Imperial 1 star destroyer
2 Victory 1 class star destroyer
3 Acclumator troop transports
4 Gladiator star destroyers
5 Strike class cruisers
6 Star Galleon frigates

                  Flagship and escorts
1 Eclipse class
2 1Executor, 1Viscount
3 Assertors
4 2 Bellators 2 Praetors
5 Allegiance star destroyers

Space superiority: x-wing
Interceptor: tie defender
Light bomber: scimitar assualt bomber
Heavy bomber: b-wings, k-wings
Patrol ship: skipray blastboat, vt49 decimater
Gunship/dropship: LAAT, sentinel class landing  craft, gozanti cruisers
Air superiority: Tie Striker, z95

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10 minutes ago, LennoxPoodle said:

Hmm, let me think...

DS-1, DS-2, Starkiller Base, Malachor Superweapon, Malevolence and their fighter complements maybe?

To counter that: the Sun Crusher.

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Well my this is more my successful combat fleet than my ultimate fleet.


MC75 Armed Cruiser

Venator-class Star Destroyer [Kronos]

2 MC80 Liberty 

8 CR90

6 Charger c70s

Delta-7B elite squadron  (12)

And just the compliments of every other capital ship. The Kronos being fleet lead sitting in the back and shelling from long range

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  • Executor II with Thrawn
  • 6x ISD Kuat Refits
  • 4 Infili Class Minbari Cruisers
  • 12 Raider Is
  • 2 CR-90As
  • 8 Arquitens
  • 1 TARDIS
  • 1 Venator
  • Lots of TIE Defenders, A-Wings, Starfuries, TIE Interceptors, and Fang Fighters
  • USS Enterprise E

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