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FiveringsDB looking for new maintainer.

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First of all, I’m not associated at all with FiveringsDB, but I saw this post on Reddit and I think it’s important enough to put it here, for most visibility:

”I am going to step down as the maintainer of FiveRingsDB. If anyone is interested in that role, I'll be happy to hand the keys of https://fiveringsdb.com and https://metagame.cards. I'll transfer full ownership of the project, under an MIT licence.

To apply, contact me on Discord (Alsciende#7715).”

I think FiveringsDB is an important resource everyone here has used at least once. So if somebody can and want to put the effort and time to keep it working... well, the gratitude from the rest of us will be immense. 

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I have only recently dipped my toe into the behind the scenes of 5RDB.
While I am will continue to keep the rulings updated, the remainder of the work is currently beyond me.
I am more than happy to continue assisting the new owner/s.

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