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We’re never gonna get them so we might as well make the,!

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His guys! Now, I know that the planets like Mon Calamri and Corellia already have pretty good resources to resemble their huge shipyards but I feel like somethings missing. I have been making this expansion to resemble those enormous shipyards and to really put a focus on protecting them. By the way, I’m using this custom expansion as a guideline-  



First are leaders-


Gilad Palleon- 2 Space, 2 Land, 3 Logistics, 2 Small Intel

Grand Admiral Thrawn- 4 Space, 1 Land, 3 Intel, 1 Small Spec Ops

Rae Sloane- 2 Space, 1 Land, 2 Spec Ops, 2 Intel

Maximillian Veers- 0 Land, 4 Land, 1 Spec Ops, 1 Logistics, 1 Small Logistics

Crix Madine- 2 Land, 0 Space, 2 Spec Ops, 1 Small Spec Ops


Admiral Raddus- 3 Space, 0 Land, 2 Small Diplomacy, 2 Intel, 1 Logistics

Bail Organa- 1 Land, 1 Space, 4 Diplomacy

General Draven- 2 Spec Ops, 1 Small Spec Ops, 2 Intel, 1 Land, 1 Space

Admiral Nantz- 3 Space, 1 Land, 2 Intel, 2 Logistics

General Sato- 2 Space, 2 Land, 3 Logistics, 1 Small Diplomacy, 1 Intel

Next are recruit cards- 

Empire Recruit Cards- 

(Gilad Palleon) Final Imperial Push (Instant)- The next refreshment round, draw three probe cards and move all friendly units up 2 in the build queue.

(Grand Admiral Thrawn) Intense Preperation (Instant)- Draw three tactics cards from the space tactics deck and put them next to your faction sheet. They may be used at any time during the remainder of the game.

(Rae Sloane) Loyal Even In Death (Use After Rae Sloane Is Eliminated)- After Rae Sloane is eliminated, eliminate 3 Health worth ofsoldiers present in the system she was eliminated in.

(Maximillian Veers) AT-AT Developer (Add This Card To Your Mission Hand)- (Maximillian Veers Only) Attempt this mission in any system loyal to the empire. If you succeed, put two AT-AT’s in that system.

(Crix Madine) Biological Warfare (Use At The Beginning Of Any Ground Battle)-  For every round the battle Crix Madine is involved in goes on, add 1 hit to all of your rolls (+1 hit on the first round, +2 hits on the second round, etc. Only afffects soldiers with Black Health).

Rebellion Recruit Cards- 

(Admiral Raddus) They Have The Upper Hand... For Now (Use When Drawing Space Tactic Cards)- For every capital ship in the fleet opposing Admiral Raddus, draw 1 extra tactic card.

(Bail Organa) Skilled Diplomat (Instant)- Add 1 loyalty token to every system loyal to the rebellion.

(General Draven) The Dirty Work (Use At The Beginning Of An Assignment Phase Of Your Choice)- After Draven opposes a mission discard this card to return him to the leader pool, he may only be used to oppose missions this round

(Admiral Nantz) Mobilize The Fleet (Use At The Beginning Of An Activation Phase Of Your Choice)- After Admiral Nantz activates a system, all units in the region may move to that system.

(General Sato) Fighting Retreat (Use After Retreating From A System)- Before General Sato and the fleet he is commanding retreats from the system, attack the opposing fleet one more time.

Empire Projects- 

Allegiance-Class Battlecruiser Construction- Resolve on any system with orbital shipyards. Put an Allegiance Battle Cruiser on space 1 of the construction queue.

Next comes ships- 

Empire Ships/Units

Allegiance Battle-Cruiser- Project Ship, Attack- 4 Red Dice, 0 Black Dice, Health- 4 Red, 0 Transport Value

Secutor-Class Star Destroyer- 1 Blue Triangle, 1 Blue Square, Attack- 2 Red Dice, 1 Black Die, Health- 4 Red, 10 Transport Value

TIE Defender- 1 Blue Square, 2 Black Dice, 1 Red Die, Health- 1 Black

TIE Phantom- 1 Blue Square, 2 Black Dice, Health- 1 Black, If this ship is attacked in one round, it cannot be attacked in the next round of combat.

Flametrooper- 1 Orange Circle, 2 Black Dice, 1 Black Health

AT-DP- 1 Orange Circle, 2 Black Dice, 1 Red Die, 1 Red Health

Rebel Ships/Troops- 

MC-75- 1 Blue Square, 1 Black Die, 1 Red Die, 5 Red Health

Edit: Starhawk Cruiser- Objective, 3 Red Dice, 1 Black Die, 5 Red Health

A-Wing- 1 Blue Circle, 2 Black Dice, 1 Black Health

B-Wing- 1 Blue Circle, 2 Red Dice, 2 Black Health

Wookie Warrior- 1 Yellow Circle, 1 Black Die, 1 Red Die, 2 Black Health

Orbital Shipyards- Before the game starts, but after the planets are selected, the Imperial player may choose to put orbital shipyards around that planet. Ships built by that planet move up 2 spaces in the build queue each turn.

Tactic Cards coming soon!











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So two things

one- I usually say this to all the expansions but don’t give more than 3 to a character in space or ground tactics. It tends to make them too powerful. I am glad you only gave thrawn 1 ground tactic though. Too many fan expansions make him the most powerful character ever which just isn’t a fun time. I also like his recruitment but the issue is that it almost too powerful with the rise of the empire expansion tactics. 

2- I like the idea of the shipyards but in practice the rebel player already has a lot of advantages and the one thing the imperial player has over them is troop counts. Mitigating that advantage really pushes the game further into rebel favor. Maybe make the shipyards something the players can build through a mission or objective card? Heck even if you switch it up and make it so that a rebel shipyard gives the a blue circle and triangle (or maybe just two blue triangles) and can be built on a non populous planet and the imperial shipyard gives them a blue square and blue triangle would work well. It could also act as troop deployment which is huge on non populous.

also I would check out my second try at this expansion a little mule cause it fixes some issues I had with the old one


but I really like a lot in this one

Satos ability is cool and I love the inclusion of Sloane (I was thinking of doing another expansion with more book characters eventually)

Rae Sloane is a bit OP in her card ability, same with Madine.

I love Bails ability but it also goes a bit to far in rebel power id probably limit it to an assign phase and make it a region only 

Dravens great but his card should read like this “special: after Draven opposes a mission discard this card to return him to the leader pool, he may only be used to oppose missions this round”


Raddus has a similar problem to thrawn with the rise of the empire expansion


Nantz works great


Veers also already exists in the game if I remember correctly, same with the vanguard


my only problem with the ships is that Awing and flametrooper should be two black dice instead of three

and mc75 should have only 3 red health

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Thanks for your opinion on the A-Wing and flametrooper. I made the MC-75 have 5 Health because it has 1 less red die than the Mon Calamari. Sorry about the vanguard and Veers; I totally forgot it was in the rise of the empire expansion (though I don’t know what box Veers was in). Do you have any suggestions for biological warfare because I don’t want to get rid of it because I feel like that’s what Crix was known for. For sloane, how does this sound- After Rae Sloane is eliminated, eliminate 3 Health worth of soldiers present in the system she was eliminated in. You really helped! I’m editing it all now. I think I’m gonna make it so that only the empire has the orbital shipyards and some of the Rebel objectives/missions will reward them GREATLY for taking out the orbital shipyards which really puts a focus on defending the orbital shipyards.

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Veers was in the base set

For biological warfare a straight damage every turn is tough

if you look at what I did in the last one for Rukh that may be the way but I’d do and just attach a bio weapon ring on him and have him roll a black dice every ground combat 

Sloane I’m not sure how I’d fix because losing a leader for only three health is too far in the other direction

id probably change her ability to not go off being eliminated because she is literally the last imperial standing lol

good idea with the oribital ship yards being imp only

finally one attack dice isn’t equal to one health in the game I’d probably instead lower his health down and have him roll 1 red and 2 green instead 


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Since all the Rebel ground troops only have 1health, 3 Health is huge. Also, 

finally one attack dice isn’t equal to one health in the game I’d probably instead lower his health down and have him roll 1 red and 2 green instead 

who are you talking about?

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Here’s the tactics (space and land)


Space Tactics-


Shields Online!- Discard this card. In this round of combat, any critical hits rolled by your opponent counts as a normal hit (Black Dice will deal no damage to capital ships no matter what).


Outflanking Maneuver- Discard this card. If your opponent chooses a Shields Online! tactic, cancel it. If they did not, your opponent is not allowed to block damage in this round of combat.


Hide Behind The Asteroids!- Before your opponent rolls his dice, discard this card to remove the dice a ship of your choice is contributing to the roll.


Land Tactics-


Chain Reaction- After you destroy a unit, you may discard this card to roll again to attempt to eliminate another unit. After that, the effect of this card ends.


Armored Escort- After your opponent attacks one of your units, you may discard this card to force them to choose another unit.


Power In Numbers- After you roll your dice, for every unit contributing dice to the attack, add ⅓ of a hit. A hit must be whole to do anything.

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Rebel Objectives (both level 2)

Orbital Shipyards Raid- After winning a battle in a system with orbital shipyards, discard this card to place an Imperial Star Destroyer in any loyal system (1 reputation). If there are no ISD’s left, steal one from a subjugated system.

Starhawk Construction- After defeating 4 Imperial Star Destroyers, place a Starhawk Cruiser at the Rebel base (I’m gonna add the Starhawk soon).

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