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Looking for Two Equal...ish Lists

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Hi Guys,


Wondering if you can help? I'm looking for two lists that have a decent variety of units (not just trooper spam) that are pretty equivalent and will give a really good game!

 I have:

2x Core, 1x Snow and Fleet, 1x Veers and Leia, 1x Han and Commandoes, 1x Boba and Scout, 1x E Web and 1.4

Current Lists I have are:


Rebels (796)


            - Leia

            - Han


            - Fleet Troopers, Barrage, Extra Trooper

            - 2x Rebel Troopers, Z-6, Extra Trooper

            - Rebel Commandos, DH-447, Hunter, HQ Uplink


            - AT-RT, Flame Thrower

            - AT-RT, Laser Cannon

            - 1.4 FD Laser Cannon, Overcharged          

Imperial (794)


            - Veers, Commanding Presence, Emergency Stims


            - Snowtroopers, Flametrooper

            - Stormtroopers, DLT-19, Extra Trooper

            - Stormtroopers, Extra Trooper

            - Scout Troopers, DLT-19, Hunter


            - Speeder Bike, Longe Range Comlink

            - E Web, Barrage         


            - AT-ST, General Weiss. 88 Twin Blaster, AT-ST Mortar


What improvements do you recommend to bring balance and for a tight game?

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It's for an intro game, but the guys have all been wargaming for ages so wont be daunted by lots of different things. I just thought a good array of units and a list that won't instantly stomp the other would be perfect.

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For an intro game those are good lists. Good variety of units and not min maxed.

For intro games I like to expose the players to all of the different types of units and weapons the game offers. I think your lists do a pretty good job of that.

One thing to consider is swapping one of the Z-6s with the ion gun. Not because it's better but because it's different and gives the player something different to experiment with. For the same reason I would try to get an HH-12 into the second storm trooper squad. Maybe drop the generator on the E-web or the extra troopers?

Also for intro games I try to have no more than one upgrade per unit, not counting extra trooper upgrades, hardpoint upgrades and obvious cases such as Vader. Even for experienced war gamers it's good to keep things simple. And it gets the player to focus on the unit itself and learn what it can do before figuring out how to upgrade it.

I like the lists though. Good luck.

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