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Star Wars Character D6 Sheets

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On 10/25/2018 at 6:10 AM, Raven-1214 said:

I would like to see a print friendly versions of all of the star wars d6 character sheets in pdf style to where anyone can print them out at any time.

The problem is that Disney won't let PDF slide for the licensee (as a PDF is axiomatically a program), so there won't be official ones. 

Why is PDF a program and not a document? Because it is based upon PostScript. And, while most think of PostScript as a printer language or a document type, Post Script is literally a turing-complete programming language. One can make a variety of useful programs in PS, and have the results spit out of your printer... PDF is a container format for PostScript, .jpeg, .tiff, javascript, several audio and video formats, PostScript fonts. TrueType and other outline fonts can be converted into postscript shapes and used as a font. It's really spiffy - but all the programatic features make a .ps file legally a program. And since PDFs wrap a .ps, PDF contains programs, and so violates Disney's exclusivity clauses to game designers. 

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