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how many Actions/Order Cards?

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im pretty sure i missed the rule but even after several searches i cant find it. How many Action can the Traitor play in first round? I know you can only spend Initiative for your Actions until you pass the Marker of the other player on the Init. Track. But the Traitor starts the game as first player and advances his Init.Marker after his Actions, but he would never reach the Imperial Marker so there will never be a Init. Change.

thx in advance



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"If the
current player moved his initiative marker past his
opponent’s initiative marker in the advance initiative
marker step, there is a change of initiative,..." (p. 14)

So unless he has cost 0 cards in hand to play, Traitor player will take 1 Action and then the initiative will change to the Imperial player. Since they start on the same space, Traitor token will pass the Imperial one with the spending of 1 Initiative.

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