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Darth Matthew

Mind Control

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Ardus, Obscurium Gauntlet

Lord Vorunthul, Entrancing Gaze

2 tray Carrion Lancers, simul orders, wind rune

3 tray Wraiths, Metered March

6 tray reanimates, death caller, simul order, metered march support carrion, blighted vexillum bearer


Reanimates move up at init 6 to close just within range 5, and then use the metered march to halt.  Carrion splits a blight, and death caller uses it for a turn 1 instant wound(s).

Lord V moves up at a 6 as well, and uses Entrancing gaze to start messing with the program.

Wraiths and carrion start flanking with their mobility (move 3 turn then reform for the wraiths, and a shift green, reform, and then move 3 for the carrion).

Ardus lines up on anything that looks really dangerous and shakes his fist in a threatening manner.

The real mind screw happens when the wraiths close in within Blue runes of an enemies flank/rear.  They'll dial up an initiative 6 fight/fight, and Lord V will use entrancing gaze to throw them into combat, which is then followed up with a pair of threat 2 attacks with 3 dice.  Following turn, lord V could go 1 forward, and then fling the unit back out of combat at init 3, possibly preventing the unit from swinging at all, only to see the wraiths do a late turn charge back in again.

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