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Advice on Waiqar list.

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Got a tournament coming up, but i'm a fresh face to RunewarsMG, i've come up with the below list which i think is pretty good, but wanted to hear thoughts/advice on it.


Faction: Waiqar
Points: 200/200

Lord Vorunthul
# of Trays: 1 ( 40 points)
- Fortuna"s Dice ( 6 points)
- Thirst of Bilehall ( 5 points)
= 51 total unit cost

# of Trays: 6 ( 35 points)
- Necromancer ( 3 points)
- Deathmist Banners ( 4 points)
= 42 total unit cost

# of Trays: 4 ( 26 points)
- Raven-Standard Bearer ( 3 points)
- Aggressive Drummer ( 5 points)
= 34 total unit cost

Reanimate Archers
# of Trays: 4 ( 32 points)
- Master-Crafted Weapons ( 4 points)
- Rank Discipline ( 4 points)
= 40 total unit cost

Death Knights
# of Trays: 2 ( 24 points)
- Obcasium Gauntlet ( 5 points)
- Rank Discipline ( 4 points)
= 33 total unit cost

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Lord V is fine, that's a pretty standard set up.

Reanimates x6: I don't take necromancers without lingering dead.  I'd swap for another hero, like the executioner, and put an aggressive drummer in here as well. (+8 points)

Reanimates x4: Too smaller to be really useful.  You could just use them to grab objectives, but you can do that in better ways.  Drop them (saves 34 points)

Reanimate Archers: Master Crafted doesn't work shooting, and you only roll 1 die in combat.  Terrible upgrade for them.  I like tempered steel (saves 1 point).  I find I do ok without rank discipline, and usually would rather have close combat targeting (saves 2 points total).

Death Knights:  I like the gauntlet.  I run without rank discipline.  They don't usually last long enough in combat, and I use mine as a mortal wound delivery service, dropping saves 4 points.


Total changes: +32 points.

With the 32 points saved, I'd pick up a pair of Wraiths (17 points) and a Carrion Lancer (15).

It gives you a nimble flanking unit and a blocker.  Wraiths are possibly the best in the game at picking up objectives or working into the backfield.

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I agree with Darth Matthew's suggestions. But seeing that you're a newer player, you may not have other expansions to change out. Supposing we just kept the units the way they are, I would switch the upgrades on the two units of Reanimates. The 4-tray isn't a big threat, but Deathmist Banners can draw the enemy's attention. And the 6-tray can charge better with Aggressive Drummer, allowing you to take advantage of that 3 threat. Raven Standard Bearer also works better on a unit that lasts a bit longer so it can keep swinging early.

I would definitely drop Necromancer and Master-crafted Weapons, replacing the latter with Tempered Steel. A 2x1 Carrion Lancer w/ Rank Discipline is also a solid unit should you choose to drop the 2x2 of Reanimates.

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