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The Salt Mines Classic Tournament - I GUARANTEE you can attend!

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Hey X-Wing people! 

Starting tomorrow will be the Salt Mines Classic, an online X-Wing tournament! 

You will need Discord and Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator (both free) to participate. Both are free. Please PM me if you're interested and I'll send you the invite link. 

To suit the fun and non-competitive nature of FlyCasual, we will use random lists. 
Tell me a faction you want to fly (or if you want to be randomly assigned a faction each week) and I'll go to YASB 2.0 and generate a random list and send it to you. That list will be your list for the tournament. 

I will regenerate the lists if 
-They use less than 195 points
-They contain cards not in FlyCasual

You will get a new squad every round, and configurations are automatically included.

I'll start generating and sending out lists tomorrow, and then I'll post pairings and we can get started. Everyone will have a week to get their game in, but I'll start the next round as soon as all results are in. MOV are as normal, rounds are not  timed (play until someone has no ships left). Tournament scoring as normal, based on W/L then MOV. In the event of a game being unplayable due to crashes you are permitted to use Vassal or TTS to complete the game. Any games not finished within a week are treated as losses for both players.

I'm going to try to get some prize support depending on shipping cost. 

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Hey, if I (Whine-O Ben) lose connection in a game against you, it is either a blue screen of death or my internet going out. Even if I am slaughtering you if such an unfortunate event happens, count it as a win for you! I am just excited to get some 3d virtual games of X-Wing in! Also, chat during game with discord will be nice, as flycaz does not have chat support.

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5 hours ago, Kaptin Krunch said:

We are pleased to announce that there will be a cash prize for the winner!

I would hesitate to publicly announce this... An online destiny tournament planned to provide a cash prize for a cash prize. They received a cease and desist...


On another note, Fly casual sim surely hasn’t eliminated all their bugs,’have they? I can see that becoming a major hindrance for tournament level play being attempted on the platform.

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Randomised lists? That actually sounds pretty fun. I'm keen to participate, although timezone differences may make it difficult for me. Does fly casual allow spectators?

...and I suppose we'll just have to trust that the lists are truly random


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I'm sure it's purely coincidence that the TO's winning random lists consist solely of Supernatural Vader, Redline, and Whisper. /s

I play regularly on Vassal but have not attempted Fly Casual.  Odds it runs on my craptop laptop machine?

Edit: Yuck that fits.

Darth Vader (70)
Supernatural Reflexes (12)

“Redline” (44)
Trajectory Simulator (3)
Proton Torpedoes (9)
Proton Bombs (5)

“Whisper” (52)
Juke (4)

Total: 199

View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0


Edit 2:  Random lists sound delicious.  I'm in.

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