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What 300pt starting squad are you using for “Superior Positins” Operation?

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I really enjoyed first game of Superior Positions. I played Rebels with this list to start:

++  Standard (Rebel Alliance) [300 Points] ++

+ Commander [128 Points] +

•Han Solo [128 Points]: Emergency Stims [8 Points]

+ Corps [172 Points] +

Rebel Troopers [62 Points]: Z-6 Trooper [22 Points]

Rebel Troopers [65 Points]: Environmental Gear [3 Points], Z-6 Trooper [22 Points]

Rebel Troopers [45 Points]: Concussion Grenades [5 Points]

+ Command Hand +

Command Hand: Sorry About the Mess, •Ambush, ••Push, ••Reckless Diversion, •••Assault, •••Change of Plans, ••••Standing Orders

++ Total: [300 Points] ++

Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)

I felt this list maxed troop value even though I feel Luke would have been good to have early to clear out enemy troops. 

I immediately added a 100pt squad of snipers:

+ Special Forces [99 Points] +

Rebel Commandos - Strike Team [52 Points]: DH-447 Sniper [28 Points], Emergency Stims [8 Points]

Rebel Commandos - Strike Team [47 Points]: DH-447 Sniper [28 Points], Grappling Hooks [3 Points]


Our game came down to Han surviving thanks to Uncanny Luck (though Stims) would have saved him without it. Boba had a bounty on him and had I lost Han I’d have lost the game. I’m curious to hear what other starting builds other folks are using and what kinds of reinforcements have been effective for you.

Second round I brought in a loaded group of Fleet troopers that did some work for me and survived the game:

+ Corps [99 Points] +

Fleet Troopers [99 Points]: Fleet Trooper [11 Points], Impact Grenades [5 Points], MPL-S7 Barrage Trooper [33 Points], Targeting Scopes [6 Points]

They basically cleared out some Snows and made it possible for Han to take over the middle objective. I had Barrage for the blast effect but now I would have rather had the scatter gun. Terrain dependent. No big deal because they did their job on the Snows and finished off some Bikes in round 4 that sealed the victory.


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