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Hesitating to buy this because FF refuses to scale their games better with lower player counts

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On 10/22/2018 at 4:12 PM, rsdockery said:

By the way, I can confirm that the Yog-Sothoth scenario also has card #2 in its codex. The rulebook does say that not every scenario needs to use anomalies, but that's likely just future-proofing. For instance, maybe the Shudde M'ell scenario will have you drop the white token* on locations with too much doom, marking them as destroyed irrevocably. Or maybe the Syzygy scenario won't have any doom or gate burst tokens in the bag and will instead add doom directly to the scenario sheet on a reckoning, as the stars drift ineluctably into alignment.

*For those who haven't played 3e, the white token is a double-sided token that serves different purposes in each scenario, much like the Edlritch token in Eldritch Horror.

What token is that exactly? I've been trying to figure that out.

Is it one of the "blank" mythos tokens?

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