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Darth Matthew

Dances with Cows

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4 trays of Ventala Skirmishers, with Prince Faolan (champ upgrade), Fire Rune, Metered March and Close Combat Targeting.

It's a huge number of combo's.

At init 8, they dial up a 4ward strait, which if they want, they can either treat as a 3 strait, a 3 bend, or a 4 strait.  Then Faolan lets them modified that with a charge, or bend, or sharp turn.

Metered march lets you stop this movement where you deem best.

You basically move last, and can adjust to battle field conditions.

As a modifier, to this move, you dial in a shoot, throwing a Red die, and add a blue if at range 1-3, and then swap a die for white, OR dial in a skill, and use fire rune, again with a red/blue and swap for white.

Once in close, you dial up a strait move and skill (which again can become slower, banking or charging) which here you make a charge or a bank+charge.

After fighting in combat (with Red and White) you shoot with fire rune (while in combat) with a Red and White.

You're as nimble as those pesky wraiths, but have significantly better damage output.

Fire rune with Red and White die is exceptionally scary.

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I tried this out a few days ago, it's pretty good, as long as it works, but gets taken down a bit too easily.

I did not have metered march in mine, so maybe that's the little bit I was missing.

It's a cool combo and well worth trying again(mine got crushed by a zergstar). I think faolan embedded gives the most to ventala and deepwoods surprisingly.

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