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Mark Caliber

Leritor (Q15) "a very weird planet . . ."

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Okay, I had the crew visit this world and the title is a direct quote from one of the players . . .

What I got from wookiepedia was that Leritor is a relatively recent 'colony' and that it's being mined by Humans for mostly unremarkable materials (Iron, nickel, copper, gold, silver . . . etc).

And they have a sentient yet primitive species of crustaceans called the Sauvax.

OKay not a ton of stuff to work with right?


One of the things that I do as a GM is I ask each player where their character's hang out once the ship exits hyperspace and makes it's approach.

And oddly (this time) each character headed to areas of the ship that did NOT have a view of the exterior.  The pilot is an NPC and since nothing exciting occurred during approach or landing, the pilot had nothing to pass on to the rest of the crew.  However she did cryptically announce to the crew after landing that she was NOT getting off the ship.


So they got introduced to Leritor from the front boarding ramp of their VCX-100.

The visual description was of heavy rain, haphazardly assembled cargo containers & random vehicles set up as buildings at seemingly random.  And each "building" was  connected with a path of pallets floating on a sea of muddy muck.  (or would that be mucky mud)?

The crew decide to hunt down a cantina and from their landing it's easy to eyeball a converted collection of conex's with a semi functioning sign.

The Ba- (the last letter wasn't working) served them up a bowl of spicy stew with a seafood base and an equally spiced kind of brandy that did wonders to slake their appetite and warm them from the rain.  And they were able to get caught up on rumors.

Most importantly, the contact that they were expecting to meet had been kidnapped by a recent Sauvax raid, along with about 20 other miners.  (Not minors).

A quick stop (through the insipid rain) to the Ops station "in charge" gets the PC's a quick update on the situation.  Yep the Sauvax have been trying to raid the camp but the crew have been able to fight the locals off with little difficulty.  This latest raid has set things back a bit, but the camp is getting ready move on to "L8."

Were survivors likely?  Sure.  How long would they last?  Well, a single human could feed a village of "Whistlers & Clickers" for about 3-4 days.  Yeah, the miners had sent a rescue team but they couldn't break into the village . . .  Apparently the "Whistlers" have captured some blasters.


At this point (as the GM) I'm expecting the PC's to stage a raid and tear a heavy blaster sized hole through this primitive village to rescue the miners . . .


But we have a new player and PC who's playing a diplomat.  He tries to negotiate with the Sauvax.


So a Whiphid, a Kel-Dor, and a Twi'lek approach the village . . .

They learn that the Sauvax are open to talking and that this village actually has a crude translator device.

Their mission related contact IS still alive along with about 18 other miners, all caged in a cave.

And the negotiations begin.

It turns out that the Sauvax are willing to cooperate with the PC's and would like the PC's to wipe out the human colony.  The Sauvax conducted their raid as a reprisal and they are tired of the humans from coming down to their beaches to hunt down and from using the Sauvax as a supplemental food source.

Yep, that stew the PC's ate earlier . . . yes.  Oh yes.  And yes it WAS tasty.


And on the flip side, the Sauvax seemed particularly interested in learning if the Twi'lek was "white or dark meat."


And that's about where we left off!  The PC's now face a weird moral dilemma.  They DID rescue their contact (they traded an E-11 for two of the . . . human hors d'oeuvres), but have left over a dozen others behind with the Sauvax.  Do they stop the human colonists from preying on the primitive locals?  Do they broker peace?  Is the Sauvax book "How to serve Humans" a cookbook?  OKay that last one isn't a question  . . .

I'm beginning to think that this group's GM is a sick twisted bloke.  :ph34r:


If this is helpful for you great.  If not, maybe the next installment on Toydaria will be more useful for you ;)  (Give me a couple of weeks on Toydaria.  No telling how long this group is going to be hanging out on Leritor).


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I love this! Sentient crab-people that like eating humans, humans that find crab-people tasty, and a whole bunch of "what the actual frakking crap" for the PCs with that sort of dilemma. I feel particularly bad for any possible force-sensitives in your group, if you have any - this is a situation where you don't ask "how do I gain no conflict", but rather "how do I get the least amount of Conflict"...

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47 minutes ago, Mark Caliber said:

And Trump Graphics; this is an example of me using my Creative License to drive my GM's Fiat.  ;)

My approach as a GM is, if its not canon, its open to my interpretation.  Only a couple of my players know much about the old EU, and I know very little.  Canon is what rules the campaign, my storytelling  comes second, their EU knowledge may only be a figment of their characters (over) imagination.  Otherwise I find that knowing too much about the SW universe just gets in the way of others enjoying the game. 

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30 minutes ago, Andreievitch said:

Otherwise I find that knowing too much about the SW universe just gets in the way of others enjoying the game.  

This! 1000 times over.


Also, Mark, consider this plagiarized?

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