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Huge Update Inbound for LOTR LCG on Steam!

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On 11/27/2018 at 4:24 PM, Buhallin said:

It went to EA on Aug 28.  The 29th shows 290 players.  Two weeks later it's at about 70.  Losing 75% of the players in two weeks is pretty awful.  If 75% of your players get bored with the content in less than two weeks and leave, how much content do you have to produce to keep them playing?  Is there any realistic possibility of doing so?  Now it's peaking in the 20s...

Latest 24 hour peak is 30.

I'm one of the cardboard players and while I wish this had the depth of the tabletop, I still think the digital edition is 'okay' -ish right now, despite the lack of content. Right now, since it is so dumbed down, it feels like a game I'd piddle with on my phone or iPad rather than my tower. I don't see myself ever dipping into expansions for the digital edition.

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