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Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition and Other Expansions

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I decided to get into Cosmic Encounter by picking up the 42nd Anniversary Edition!

I love the translucent ships that came with this version of the game, but now that I've become interested in expansions, I see that other expansions add new ships to the game! But those ships aren't translucent, and I don't want to pick up those expansions if Fantasy Flight will be updating the ships soon. I'm almost regretting picking up the 42nd Anniversary Edition because of this.

I'm wondering if there are any other sorts of situations in other expansions that would work against the 42nd Anniversary Edition of the game? Can anyone confirm that these expansions will have updated ships and other pieces in the near future?

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I don't believe there is any plan to change the ships in the expansions.  I'm also not really able to wrap my head around why folks seem to think having some translucent ships in one color, and non-translucent in a different color means they don't work together.  They're meant to be different from one another- before now just in color.  Frankly, I'd love it if they were more different from each other set. 

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