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On 4/15/2019 at 11:38 AM, Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun said:





Ouch, this hurted my feelings. was expecting to see some characters from OT like Bossk or IG-88

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Please FFG, the SCUM need a new "GOOD" ship to help us get back into the fight and X-wing meta again...  the Mandolorian's new ship, the "Razor Crest" would be a fanastic Medium base ship with gunner and crew slots!  Its tough and fast!   Yes, SCUM has 19... but what NEW ships have we had since Xwings 2.0? Answer: ZERO.

Help make SCUM great again!



PS = I am a long time SCUM player... and scum has not been very fun since 2.0 dropped. Yes, the first 6 months was great with Boba and Han Gunner... and with Moldy Crow... but as soon as we get  a few "GOOD" ships, the points make it too expensive.   I understand the need for keeping things from being "Broken" and "OP"... but we (SCUM) still need to have a few good ships... especially since there is very little synergy within our faction. We NEED a few good pilots that can stand on their own....   Fenn is now made of glass...   etc..

Sorry, don't mean to complain but we need some help and some "love" FFG. It seems like someone there wants to keep the faction down? I thought the idea was to bring balance to all the factions to be good and competitive?


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3 hours ago, xulfus said:

The Razor Crest! It's frigging HUGE! You could drive a van inside.


It's to be expected really, he probably lives in it, keeps bounties, and probably equipment/speeders.

Real world comparison would probably be something like between a CH-47 Chinook and C-130 

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun said:



Character Models from The Mandalorian look familiar.


Also from Galactic Battlegrounds and the clone wars:





... thanks for this, now I'm definitely downloading Galactic Battlegrounds tonight.  

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