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Decan Mabu

Huge ship (cargo haul free concept)

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Hi I had posted this in other chat from ffg, but I thing this one should fit better.

so here is the link.




hope pe you will enjoy it 


i’ll also attach som pictures of the sitio and color diagrams I had made.


















If you want more pictures, please tell me an i’ll post it 










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11 hours ago, Vontoothskie said:

Thats brilliant! what did you make it out of? it looks like a traditional model kit, or parts from many model kits.

which is to say it looks crisp, proffesionally designed and produced in a way scratch builds generally do not. is it printed?

Many thanks!!!


The ship is a free design kit, It has been made of vinyl acetate sheets, putty stuff, wood, and plasticard.

During the process I had made some blueprints to help me with the manufacture, as well as with the color scheme, but at the moment all the paint it has is the priming core, I have to decide the scheme from tho ones of above.

I didn’t use any pieces of other kits (or print it...) except for the rounded antennae.

I prefer to make all the components of my ships by myself.



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