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Index of Clans / Families / Schools / Titles

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Updated for the Titles and Schools in Path of Waves.

Path of Waves also has an entirely new Character Creation approach, which goes "Region - Upbringing - School" rather than "Clan - Family - School" to represent characters which do not fit within the "standard" L5R model. Do people want me to include those in the OP?

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On 2/5/2020 at 11:09 PM, sndwurks said:

@Nheko has one of the sources I would recommend. The L5R 2nd Edition supplement Way of the Daimyo also had an appendix about creating Minor Clans.

Honestly, if they ever make an L5R Foundry for the RPG, I would totally write up a supplement to make a "20 Questions to Create a Minor Clan" guided play module for campaigns who want to have founding a new Minor Clan as a central theme.

  The mechanics of minor clans have changed since 2nd edition though, most minor clans only had 3 techniques.  (and one family) The Mantis were special in that they had 4, Them getting their 5th technique was part of them becoming a great clan.

  Really though, creating minor clans should be fairly straight-forward these days.

All clans in this edition follow the same basic mechanics..  I think if you know the lore.. or the "20 questions" of your clan, then the mechanics will be obvious..  The most important thing is to know why your minor clan exists in the campaign, and why it exists in Rokugan.  For example, I ran a campaign based loosely on "the mouse that roared" in which "Mouse clan" declared war on Scorpion clan, largely because Scorpion clan was selling "knock-off"  Mouse clan brew.  So I know that mouse clan has to be expert in producing brew, they get +1 labor as their skill.  The ring is a little more difficult at first, but ultimately mouse clan is fighting a war for it's own survival, so even though Mouse clan appreciates and exemplifies traits of other rings (they are precise and subtle as air, efficient and charming as water..)  The main motivator for mouse clan is really earthy at this point.. plus Earth goes along with Labor in Production.. so mouse clan's ring is earth.  I can add in some of the traits from other rings by using those rings for the family and school bonuses.  Mostly because they'll be conflicting with the scorpion, water and air become the rings associated with the family.

As you can see, filling out the clan/family/school lore provides the basis for knowing what their mechanics will be.

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