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Derrigan Bluewave

A Question of Talent (Tree)

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I am working on my own conversion of L5R to Genesys, and I feel like the setting's mood and history works well for Talent Trees rather than the free-for-all like in basic Genesys.


However, while I am currently working on creating general Specializations witht heir Talent Trees, I started thinking about making the Clan Schools.


I can see several options:

1. Each School get's it's own complete Talent Tree.

2. Each School only gets a few Talents that are unique to them, and reinforce their theme, and they need to get a general Specialization.

3. Each shcool gets half the normal Talent Tree, and each such Talent Tree is connected to a specific general Specialization.

4. Each School gets a bigger Talent Tree than normal, to accomodate their themes better.


The problems I see are mainly where some Schools do no correlate directly to any of the general Specializations I have. This mainly happens with the Shugenja and Monk Schools.

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I think my answer here reflects #2 on your list if I had to pick one.  The big issue I have with Star Wars talent trees is all the potentially unwanted and arbitrary hops you need to purchase to get to the talents you actually want.  You're locked into those choices, often with no alternate path through the tree.  That's one of Genesys's biggest changes, quite possibly the biggest and best.

Perhaps if you make a much tighter tree on paper like a roadmap, and then just "hide the lines of the tree" by converting them to prerequisites for a given talent in a chain.  You gain the flexibility of Genesys but still make a given tree seem like progressively advanced study.  There's no harm in saying that a Tier 4 or 5 talent doesn't require a tier 1-2 talent, not just an "adjacent" tier 3.  So when you acquire the prerequisite, that doesn't mean you possess the level of experience (pun intended) to master the higher tier talent.  You go out and get some seasoning, reflected in the non-school talents you choose along the way to fill out your pyramid to get to the high level stuff.  The difference is that your choices for non-school are many, and better suited to your unique PC.

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