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Darth Vader & Rexler Brath

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TIE/D Defender - •Rexler Brath - 100
    •Rexler Brath - Onyx Leader (84)
        Juke (4)
        Advanced Sensors (8)
        Heavy Laser Cannon (4)

TIE Advanced x1 - •Darth Vader - 93
    •Darth Vader - Black Leader (70)
        Fire-Control System (3)
        Afterburners (8)
        Supernatural Reflexes (12)

Total: 193/200

View in the X-Wing Squad Builder

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1 hour ago, Hos said:

I think you'd be better off dropping Rexler or Darth and squeezing in 2 x 50ish point ships, like gunboats or naked Soontir. 

I ran a similar list last week at league night. I was 2-0. Brath didn’t have HLC but everything else was the same. Flown patiently it is very strong with a the  repositioning and a 7 point bid for Initative (like I had last week assured me of moving last, shooting first).

First matchup was Luke, Thane and Wedge proton torp, alpha list. Second I won on time that was a Han/Boba/AutoPilot Drone List.


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