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Chattanooga Tn legion ops

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  Legion ops Chattanooga, TN and surrounding areas.  Ill be trying to keep this update and may expand to events more than a half hour away. Im working on getting a game night set up at epikos midtown. Im almost always down for a game.

Epikos ccg midtown (Monday and Friday night)
5864 Brainerd rd
Chattanooga tn
423 531 4184

Epikos ccg hixon (no current game night)
5510 hwy 153 ste 174
Hixon tn 37343
423 531 4184

Dicehead games (no current game night)
200 paul huff pkwy #12
Cleveland tn 37312
423 473 7125

Current tournements for May

Dice head games 

May 4th 11am-7pm
Plenty of tables and terrian great atmospere with good prize support
800 pts

Epikos midtown  June ?th 11am-8pm
Room for 16 players plenty of terrian with current and former kit prizes
800pts std army Tabletop.to software.

Sci-fi City Knoxville Tn 

April 20th dice at noon. More details to follow.

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Some pics of todays event.  10 players.  One of the players from Atlanta brought a tables worth of terrian as well. Went off great without many major issues.




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