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Questions about rules

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Hello, I had a couple ambiguities rise up last night, we were playing the vanilla board game. I last played 7-8 years ago so I'm very rusty.

1. When you leave one of the Other Worlds by special means (find gate spell, encounter text) do you get the explored token? Can I save a turn by getting out with the spell and then close the gate?

2. The game says you need to deal with a monster when you try to leave or at the end of your turn. Which phase are we talking about? For example a player moved to a street with an activity (Terrible experiment rumour) that also had a monster, he wanted to clear monsters from the rumour, but didn't want to deal with the monster. At what phase do you have to deal with the monster?

3. A certain item, some flute that takes off 3 stamina and 3 sanity and kills all monsters in an area (one off). Could I have used that to clear out the Terrible Experiment rumour?

4. An encounter text made a player go to the woods and have a choice of 2 encounters... But it had a gate on it! How would you resolve that?

5. The terror level goes up every time a gate opens... Meaning it fills up pretty quick, doesn't it? Meaning the general store closes super fast... Right?



Thanks for helping!

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1. You get the explored token.

2. In movement phase.

3. No. They're not on the game board.

4. Investigator goes to the Other World.

5. Terror Track goes up when Outskirts limit is  passed. (if the limit is 4, then the fifth monster triggers the terror track).  Some Mythos cards  text could also raise Terror track . 


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4. Does he get the encounter first or are they drawn through straight away?

5. So gates opening does not make the terror level rise? O.O We had a pretty terrifying game then, no wonder the general store shut so quickly .

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