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Where do I find Unnatural Growth

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First off, welcome to Runewars.  Second off, great questions -- I am having a hard time finding where these are printed as well.  I can at least answer Lethal for you here

Lethal X:  Adds X amount of damage (not hits) to the damage pool before assigning damage for wounds.   So if you had 2 hits, at 2 threat and had lethal 1, you'd be doing 2(hits)x2(threat) +1(lethal) for a total of 5 damage.  If you ever see Protected X -- it's the opposite of lethal -- it subtracts damage.

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You can find the details in the Kethra A'laak Hero Expansion box.  It's a condition that comes with her.  Below is the text concerning the conditions rules outlined in the leaflet included in her expansion pack.


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