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Android - Bug - New squad overwrites old saved squad

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1.  Open the app

2. Select 'Saved Squads'

3. Select an already created squad

4. Select 'Edit'

5. Press the [back arrow] on your Android phone or select 'Back'.  Do not select 'Save Squad'

6. Press the [back arrow] on your Android phone or select 'Back to menu'.

7. Select 'New Squad'

8. Select any game mode.

9. Select any faction.

10. The name of your saved squad from above will be displayed, not [Enter Squad Name].

11. Anything you do in this new squad, when saved, will overwrite the saved squad from above.


Workaround - Any time you select 'Edit' on a saved squad you must select 'Save Squad' instead of using any form of back arrow (either on Android or the app) to return normal functionality to the app.

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On 9/28/2018 at 12:26 PM, Yellow 5 said:

I know you covered it with "anything you do", but I think it's worth noting specifically that changing the name will not stop it from replacing it. 

I hadn't noticed this, but that's a huge problem. I thought I had figured out a work around by using "build similar squad," but the point about back arrows makes it really annoying. So if you click "edit" you are forced to save, or else you're next save will overwrite it. Bummer. FFG please fix.

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9 hours ago, Rydiak said:

Another patch, but this bug still lives on...

Not only that but the new factions haven't even been rolled out as it says. They need to stop trying to pretend a website is an app and just make a proper app that runs locally. 

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