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Android: New Squad overwrites old squads

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Opened up the app this morning.  Immediately clicked 'create new squad'.  Picked "extended".  Picked "Scum".

A screen appeared with the 'add ship' button but the name of the squad showed as one of my existing, saved squads.   Changed the name.  Built my squad.  Saved.

It OVERWROTE my old squad that had the same name as it had when i clicked 'create new squad' above.  

I thought this was supposed to be fixed in 1.0.3?


Seriously FFG - you should have just made an API and let 3rd party developers make the apps.  That, or just bought it from an existing 3rd party dev.

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I had the same happen when creating a squad from the main menu, except that the name of the squad was blank (edit - to be clear, I had a totally blank screen, with no indication it had some link to the previously looked at saved squad). I had previously looked at my saved squads. When I did a new squad from the saved squads screen, that worked correctly.

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I was going to write a new post for a bug report on this, but here are the steps to reproduce this:


1.  Open the app

2. Select 'Saved Squads'

3. Select an already created squad

4. Select 'Edit'

5. Press the [back arrow] on your Android phone or select 'Back'.  Do not select 'Save Squad'

6. Press the [back arrow] on your Android phone or select 'Back to menu'.

7. Select 'New Squad'

8. Select any game mode.

9. Select any faction.

10. The name of your saved squad from above will be displayed, not [Enter Squad Name].

11. Anything you do in this new squad, when saved, will overwrite the saved squad from above.

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