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[Imperial 2.0] Store Championship list

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I'm thinking about taking this list to my Store Championship this sunday, any suggestions on improvments?

Store Champ? (199)
Cutlass Squadron Pilot — TIE Punisher     36
Trajectory Simulator     3
Skilled Bombardier     2
Proximity Mines     6
Proton Bombs     5
Ship Total: 52
Soontir Fel — TIE Interceptor     52
Predator     2
Ship Total: 54
Darth Vader — TIE Advanced     70
Supernatural Reflexes     12
Fire-Control System     3
Afterburners     8
Ship Total: 93

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Prox mines. Get rid of prox mines for the bid. In fact, I would go Soontir with Predator, Vader with FCS, SupRef, Cutlass with TrajSim, Proton Bombs, Barrage Rockets, as your basis. 11 points left for an upgrade or two/a bid. The Rockets give the Cutlass something more to do.

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