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Blinded Gunners + Screed

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OK, here is one that came up during a Vassal game. Here's the situation:

  1. Opponent was running a fleet with Screed & Demo
  2. Demo had a Blinded Gunners crit on it. - "While attacking, you cannot spend accuracy icons."
  3. Demo attacked one of my ships. Result included at one red accuracy and one black blank.  

Question: Can Screed be used to spend the red die with the accuracy to flip the black blank to a hit/crit while Blinded Gunners is in effect?

We played it as "no, Screed can't spend it", but I'm thinking that this may have actually been incorrect. Screed is spending a die, and not specifically the icon itself for any accuracy effect. It seems the crit text would have to be more along the lines of "...cannot spend accuracy results." or "...cannot spend dice with accuracy icons." to prevent Screeding.



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There are several other cards where this may come into play as well:

Leading shots- "...spend 1 blue die..." - Can a blue accuracy be spent to reroll when Blinded Gunners is in effect? This one seems very similar to Screed.

Close-Range Intel Scan - "...spend 1 die with a accuracy icon..."  - This one is a little more nitpicky - is spending an accuracy icon (per blinded gunners) the same as spending a die with an accuracy icon? . I'm inclined to say this case is not allowed, even though the accuracy is not being spent for its usual effect.

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