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Monster/Creature Spreadsheet

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i thought to give my Monster/Creature/Adversary Spreadsheet its own thread.

currently a little unpolished but nonetheless quite useful and under the motto "release often and early"

please play around with it

feedback welcome

PS: yes, given some settings it generates characteristics above 5 -- ignore them and use 5 if you use RAW.

PPS: yes, the sheet includes non-Genesys characteristics for gridded combat (INI = Initiative, MOV = Movement in 5ft-paces per round) -- ignore them if you use RAW.

PPPS: yes, the sheet uses 3E/4E/5E/PF-isms for some descriptions -- dont flame unless you can provide something more descriptive.


added an excel version for those with opensource ineptitude flaw


Edited by Terefang
removed attachment, added d/l link

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