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Rexler, Redline + 1

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Redline with advanced sensors and proton torpedoed is insanely efficient for 61 points. He can advanced sensors an action and still use his ability to get a lock, as it is just acquiring a lock, not taking a lock action. 

Rexler is a monster and I love building him with collision Detector. It means you can put him on weird awkward spots your opponent might not expect. 

I'm not sure how to fill out the rest of the points though. I really like the idea of Duchess, but she is very fragile. I don't think I'd want another ordnance carrier and I don't think there are enough cheap support shops to fill the role. 

Any thoughts on what to spend the last 46 points on would be much appreciated!


Rexler, Redline? 

(44) "Redline"
(9) Proton Torpedoes
(8) Advanced Sensors
Points 61

(84) Rexler Brath
(4) Juke
(5) Collision Detector
Points 93

= 154 points

I could add the Duchess below

(42) "Duchess"
(3) Seismic Charges
Points 45

Total points: 199

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Maybe some ion control to set up targets for the heavy hitters? You could throw in an assault Rhoboat with an ion cannon, FCS, and crack shot for 46 (or a jamming beam and a homing missile), or a Sienar Specialist with agile gunner and an ICT (although the range on the ion turret makes it less useful). 

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I've personally found either collision detector or advanced sensors to be more useful than FCS. Both allow you to get to unexpected positions when normally defenders are rather predictable. But that's just what I've noticed in my games. 

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If you drop the Collision Detector you can squeeze in something a little beefier.

Major Vynder - Proton Torpedoes + FCS - Seems good but I've little experience with the Starwings

Mareek Stele - FCS - Minimal but the advanced is a decent chassis.

Lieutenant Sai - ST-321 Again, minimal but makes a good babysitter for Redline, of course this one fits without the title while keeping Collision Detector too.

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