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Acrylic Ship Tokens Review

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Finally got to put mine on the table a couple nights ago--they got here a month and a half ago, *immediately* before my wife went into labor and my Armada Moratorium hit. :)

Couple of thoughts:


* They look really, REALLY nice on the table. My own bases and ship fins are all painted black + stars, which adds a lot to the effect too.

* With a small bit of felt or foam (a bit of which @Darth Sanguis included) between base and token, it holds together nice and firm. Good idea for that, man!

* The lines are pretty well perfect as far as I can tell. I had a couple of "close measurement" cases in the game, and neither of us felt like the base impacted the outcome.


* Speaking of close measurements, one... drawback, I guess, is the danger of using laser line markers with these. You really need to be careful not to shine those lasers in a way that they'll reflect off the base in to somebody's eyes, because the base reflects the line really well. Not sure of a good eye safety solution other than 1) be careful or 2) use the ruler instead.

* You really need to find a very clear dice- and variant-marking solution if you want to use these in anything resembling competitive play. I was firmly in the camp of not printing those details on, and I still think it was the right call. I'm looking into maybe magnetized battery/AS markers that I can swap between variants. In the game I played, I was careful to bring only one variant of any one ship (I brought ISDK/ISDK/Int) to keep it simple for my opponent, and we are both very familiar with the ships' batteries, and even so I felt like it bordered on an unfair advantage for me not to have the dice clearly marked.

While there are some obstacles to be overcome in using them, I'm overall super happy with these. Thanks for all your work, @Darth Sanguis!

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So here's a collection of images I took, the shown image is my collection per faction, open the hidden text box for individual ships up close.  I've been in discussion with my fabricator about getting matte black acrylic, however at the time they don't have it in the thickness I need.  It could be an option in the future.





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12 minutes ago, Karneck said:

Darth sanguis makes them.

He's almost complete with my order.  Which I'm super excited about.

Understand that this is a custom time consuming service if you decide to place an order. Might have to wait a while but it'll be worth it.

TY. And I'm sure I won't wait as long as I will for Squadron 1 packs.

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