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How big is your collection?

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  • Core Set
  • Corellian Conflict
  • Rebel Squadrons (2x) [Plus I bought six Y-wings that were parted out]
  • Imperial Squadrons (3x)
  • Gladiator
  • Nebulon-B Expansion
  • Rogues & VIllains
  • ISD Expansion
  • Home One
  • MC30C 
  • Imperial Assault Cruisers
  • Rebel Transports (2x)
  • Interdictor
  • Hammerhead Corvettes
  • Chimaera
  • Profundity

I also bought extra dice, extra maneuver tool, some alt-arts off eBay, and of course the storage **** (Click n Connect, sleeves, binder).

All told there are 10 ship expansions which I have not purchased. Aside from the Arquitens and more squadron packs I don't really feel the burning urge to buy more, though I'm sure I'll cave and buy the SSD.


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1 Liberty

1 Home One

1 Profundity

2 Assault Frigates

2 Peltas

2 CR-90s

2 MC-30’s

3 Nebulon-B’s

2 Rebel Transport Flotillas

2 Hammerheads


1 Chimera

2 ISD’s

2 Victory

2 Interdictors

1 Quasar Fire

1 Raider

1 Gozanti Flotilla

2 Arquitens

1 Gladiator


2 rebel squadron 1

2 rebel squadron 2

2 rogues and villains

1 Imperial squadron 1

1 Imperial squadron 2

Corellian Conflict Squadrons

Current Orders/Pre-Orders:

1 Super Star Destroyer

2 Hammerheads

1 Starhawk (possibly 2 if it’s worth running double)

1 Onager

Also strongly considering more imperial squadrons, another imperial flotilla and another Raider. And obviously RitR.  Maybe some more CR90s if I can get more TRCs for cheap, but I’ve fallen in love with hammerheads for my swarm of bees lists.

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One of each ship and fighter set and the core set for the most part, until Chimaera and Profundity (hard times, still waiting on getting them soon), two of the smaller ships (meaning three of each Nebulon and Corellian Corvette because of the Core), plus one of Mel's Assault Frigates because the AssFrig2 looks horrible.


I still want to get a second Hammerhead box and MC30 pack, and a second ISD because you've got to have more.

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On November 7, 2018 at 4:41 PM, RyonOlson said:

I was going to ask the same question, but I stopped myself when I realized I had bought 9 Nebulon-B Frigates (Which we can agree is the lesser of the two ships, barring Yavaris).

I've got two Neb B's plus a third from the Core Set, and one Pelta. And the odds are better I'm running two Nebs than a single Pelta, and it's possible I'll run a third Neb with Leia before the Pelta still.

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Posted (edited)

Just going on my ship cards, because I have stuff packed away in various places, and don’t keep everything immediately available...


1 Chimera


2 Interdictor

8 Victory (all with complete antennas)

1 Quasar

2 Gladiator

2 Arquitens

3 Raider

2 Gozanti


2 MC80 Home One

2 MC80 Liberty

1 MC75

4 Assault Frigate Mk2

1 Pelta

6 MC30

8 CR90

9 Nebulon B

1 Hammerhead (2 Ship pack)

2 GR75


Too many fighters

Edited by emsgoof

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Since everyone else is doing it:
4x Victory (2 with Antennae)
3x Gladiator
3x ISDs
3x Raiders
2x Interdictors
2x Gozanti Flotillas
1x Super Star Destroyer
3x Arquitens
2x Quasar
2x Chimaera
5x Imperial Fighter Squadrons
2x Imperial Fighter II Squadrons

10x CR90
3x Nebulon-B
5x Assault Frigate Mk II
4x MC30c
3x MC80 (Home One)
7x MC80 (Liberty)
4x GR-75 Transports
4x Pelta
8x Hammerheads
3x Profundity
7x Rebel Fighter Squadrons
3x Rebel Fighter II Squadrons

3x Rogues and Villains
2x Corellian Conflict

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On 8/18/2019 at 12:12 AM, LostFleet said:

I think most impressive thing in this picture is that all of the Vics still have their antennas 👍

First thing my 7 year old did for some reason he couldn't quite explain was try to bend my core set victory antenna and it snapped =/

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Imperial budget constraints and supply shortages in the Australasia sector of the outer rim have meant my fleet has been rather limited in size for the moment  but as the regions supply route is stabilised and extra funding is made available I expect to expand operations.


Current command consists of



2 Victory class 

1 Arquitens

Core set fighters and 1 imperial squadron 1

Also confiscated the following vessels from rebel sympathisers

2 cr90

2 Nebulon b

1 rebel fighter pack (and core x-wing)

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I had a brief scare that would have required me to edit my list.  I was looking through my case in anticipation of trying to find a spot to store the SSD cardboard, and I couldn’t find my Profundity, Quasar Fire, second Interdictor, Peltas, or one of my Hammerheads.  I vaguely remember having to put them in a bag rather than packing them all properly when I was heading out from the shop late, but couldn’t find that bag anywhere.

Luckily I remembered that shortly after I had to clear out my trunk to make room for suitcases to go on vacation, and sure enough, found the bag right on top of my pile of board games in my storage unit.

Disaster averted.

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