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So, let's talk first balance patch

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Palob is way undercosted, but still dies fast enough to focus fire. Lando's Falcon pilots need some repricing also, but I smell that's a mean for FFG to sell the new material...

Jonus and barrage rockets are a real problem that must be adressed, as they are stupidly cost-efficent for 2.0.

E-wing need to be way cheaper, at least the low Initiative generic.

TIE interceptors need to have a way to buy cheaper mods.

Canons need to have a different price depending how much your primary weapon value is. They are still mostly a useless buy for 3-attack ships.

For the rest, I have to play a bit more to make a real opinion.

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On 9/22/2018 at 4:49 AM, HolySorcerer said:

Scum Han (Gunner) should absolutely double in price at least.  People keep talking about the Marauder title being too good, but seeing as every person commenting on that is talking about Han being in that gunner slot, I think it is Han that is the issue.

Scum Han could go up 2 points but I don't think it should double or go higher  It only triggers when the ships he's in activates so it's not good for defense on lower Initiative ships in against I5/6 pilots. It  costs stress, can't get you double focus, takes up the veteran gunner's seat.

It's good value atm, one maybe two points increase would make it balanced.

Personally I don't see why the gunner slot is locked behind the Marauder title. Make all sprays 1 point more expensive drop Marauder title by one point. Job done.

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