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Spell use, Box on adventure card.

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I could not find a post that covered some questions about the base game.

1. Can you play multiple items per turn: spell, common item and uncommon item? I've been playing only one per turn.

2. Focusing and spells that hold a die; on a failed roll that you place a die on a spell card or focus, do you still discard another die as well?  I've been discarding a die (failed roll) as well as placing die.

3. Several of the adventure cards have terror style boxes that read "At midnight"........! Are theses in effect at all times or only triggered if you fail a task like a terror? 


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1. You can use as many items as you would like, common, uncommon, spells. But you can only add each of the dice once. Once they are gone, they are done.

2. This is correct. When you fail a test you always discard a die. You can focus before you do, but you still must get rid of another.

3. At midnight mean when the clock phase strikes midnight. This isn't triggered by failing, but rather every time the clock swings around to midnight. These effects take place just before the new mythos card is drawn.


Hope this helps!

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