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Item and Talent Cards

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So I put together some card decks for my players to represent all the items, equipment, and talents in the game valid for the Terrinoth setting (across both books).  My group has found these insanely useful for remembering talents, tracking usage (once per session/once per encounter/etc), tracking encumbrance, and planning character builds.

As much as I would LOVE FFG to put these out in some official card decks, I am guessing that is a long way off... so the question is, if I post these up as a PDF, am I going to get a C&D?  I should also note that the cards contain art scraped from the internet (personal use), but putting these out into the world would probably require a ton of work to update the original files and find the original artists.

So, is this worth the effort to the community? or should we just tell FFG that we want to see more official components and adventure modules for Terrinoth?


Here they are!




Enemies and Creatures:






Talents are sized to be 3x5 (windows likes to print as photo sizes) and will fit 2.5x3 card sleeves.

Items should be printed as 'wallet' size (make sure you do not resize to fit the frame as the image has its own size adjusted to compensate) and will fit FFG Yellow (mini) sleeves.

All Art is NOT my own.

Also I know the item text can be difficulty to read depending on the dpi of your printer (the red especially). I will probably do another version at some point, but redoing all the cards feels a little soul crushing.  Hopefully FFG will put out some official ones for Talents and Items along with some pre-done adventure modules and DM screens...




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People have already released similar items for the Star Wars line. So i don't see an issue. The only time I'm aware a community member ever recieved a C&D was when they were running a patreon for Genesys specific content, or attempted to receive money for their work.

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11 hours ago, BodhiWolff2 said:

Very pretty!  Well done!



They have been really useful for my group in getting a feel for each talent, creating a 'build deck' for each character to remember what talents they have available, keeping track of encumbrance (the large number on the item cards), and in handling loot (random loot I roll a number on a D10 and draw 4 cards, anything of rarity below the number they receive, anything higher than the rolled number they receive 25% of the gold value).

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On 10/14/2018 at 8:09 AM, Jedifish said:

Will you do this for the items/talents in the Genesys Core book, using it's style instead of Terrinoth?

Probably not.

The current cards include the talents for from the Genesys core book that are relevant to the Terrinoth setting, and since my group tends to stick to the fantasy settings I will probably leave it at that.

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