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New thought, let's try raddus!

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Hey again, I think this list fits my earlier desire for a little of everything. I wish I could do more with the corvettes to make them less basic, but from what I've read it's important to have a bid when using raddus 


Name: Untitled Fleet
Faction: Rebel
Commander: Admiral Raddus


MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100)
• Ordnance Experts (4)
• External Racks (3)
• Assault Proton Torpedoes (5)
= 112 Points

MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63)
• Admiral Raddus (26)
• Lando Carissian (4)
• External Racks (3)
• H9 Turbolasers (8)
• Admonition (8)
= 112 Points

GR-75 Medium Transports (18)
• Comms Net (2)
= 20 Points

CR90 Corvette A (44)
= 44 Points

CR90 Corvette A (44)
= 44 Points

• Jan Ors (19)
• 3 x X-wing Squadron (39)
= 58 Points

Total Points: 390

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2 hours ago, The Jabbawookie said:

ECM on the 75 will serve you vastly better than H9s on the 30.

Very much agree with this. Lando on the 75 would also be handy - it may have to tank some shots before it gets to fire.

And is it important to have a bid with Raddus? Your Raddus-ing ship can't be the first ship to activate when it arrives, but that includes your opponents - so if youre second player it can be your first. 

That said, I'm currently running a Raddus fleet with a huge bid (21 points) - if you set it up right you can last/first with a double arc nicely. Handy in our brave new ISD-heavy world.

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