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Scum Han - Debris Clouds for Days

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Just now, Cgriffith said:

Yes, it gives you the cards, NOT THE TOKENS

Yeah, I was agreeing with you. They really snubbed us on the tokens...

9 minutes ago, joshthesheep said:

Hmm... I forgot about that in the rebel kit, I knew they had the rigged cargo chute card. They kinda snubbed us with the tokens in the conversion kits didn't they.


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39 minutes ago, Animewarsdude said:

Han: *Drops cargo*

Jabba: "What was that?"

Han: "Nothing, nothing. Everything is fine up here, how are you?"

May the forces of antioc be victorious. 

I picturing him repeatedly shouting “Look Jabba even I get boarded sometimes!” and refusing to listen to Jabba’s protests as he kicks yet another stack of crates out of the cargo hold. :lol:

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1 hour ago, Vector Strike said:

Well, even a Hutt knows that the most expensive product in the entire galaxy is life. Theirs.

Jabba would certainly approve Han throwing away stuff if he can bring back Jabba alive

Ok, copying this list and custom painting a Jabba "debris" template. Hay, some times  you need to ditch exccess "cargo"

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